Single Origin

Where does single-origin coffee come from?

Single-origin coffee is coffee sourced from a single farm, region or grower. Single-origin coffee is becoming increasingly popular in cafes around Australia because of the unique flavour profiles offered.

When a new origin of coffee is introduced, the views our baristas have on it is very important.

One barista we spoke to in Sydney told us, “As a result of single-origin coffee, a lot more people are now more open to long blacks, short blacks and espressos.

Having said that, sales of single-origin coffee with new types of milks like almond, coconut, and oat are also on the rise. It seems that this new variant of coffee is having quite an impact on coffee drinkers in all the coffee capitals of Australia.

Single-origin coffee can come from any coffee-growing region. Single-origin coffee distributors like Bun Coffee Byron Bay import their single-origin from over 40 different countries.

This includes coffee from Yemen, Cuba, Ethiopia, Peru, Bolivia, Nepal, Congo, Australia, Burundi, Brazil and many more countries in Asia, Africa and South America.

Bun Coffee is a leading distributor of single-origin coffee beans in Australia

For our founder and master roaster, David Kennedy, coffee is very personal.

Consistency and care in every cup make his day, as well as his customers’, who are cafe owners and coffee lovers from across Australia.

With over 28 years of roasting beans from almost every coffee-growing nation in the world, David knows what he wants his coffee to be.

Single-Origin Coffee Beans To Tantalise Any Palate

At Bun Coffee, we source the finest single-origin coffee beans from every major (and some minor) coffee-producing country on the planet.

Whether you’re looking for a silky smooth coffee with a hint of toffee and chocolate or a tart coffee with fruity notes that linger on your tastebuds, we have the single-origin coffee beans to perfectly complement your day.

As an added bonus, all fair trade coffee is available through Bun Coffee are roasted to order. This preserves the quality, guaranteeing you the freshest tasting, most aromatic coffee you’ll experience.

If you’re just not sure what your coffee type is, why not travel the world in a mug? From A-Z, Bun Coffee currently offer freshly roasted beans from over 40 countries worldwide. Some countries may even offer more than one exceptional flavour, depending on the specific location where the beans grow. Treat yourself to a delicious adventure – from the comfort of your own home.

Buy Single Origin Coffee Online

By investing in coffee from a single origin, not merely drinking and distributing it, we have today become its leading roaster in Australia. If you would like to learn more about the various types of single origin coffee we stock, please call us now on +61 2 6680 9798 or email