Best Coffee Shops in Byron Bay

If you love great coffee that is expertly crafted and ethically produced, then Bun Coffee in Byron Bay is the perfect match for you.

We’ve been producing delicious coffee for over fifteen years – and we’re getting better and better every year. Just try some of our award winning blends to see for yourself.

Pay a Visit to Our Espresso Bar & Roastery Door

If you live in or near Byron Bay, or you’re planning on paying a visit, don’t miss out on Bun Coffee’s exceptional espresso bar and roaster door. Located off Ewingsdale Road, it’s the perfect spot to try our full range of superb coffees as prepared by expert Bun baristas.

Expect a relaxed atmosphere permeated by the sumptuous smell of coffee, along with a range of delicious treats – including gluten free and vegan options.

You can also purchase our coffee blends and beans in bags to take away and enjoy at home.

Why We Believe We Serve the Best Coffee in Byron Bay

These are some of the reasons why we believe our product is one of the best coffees in Byron Bay:

    • We’re Expert Roasters:

Bun’s roastery sees the production of a wide selection of excellent blends, ranging from strong to mellow and with a symphony of different notes and tones. We also stock a great many single origin coffees from more than 45 different territories, offering up optimum purity and a wonderful quality of taste with each.

    • And Responsible Manufacturers:

Every team member at Bun cares deeply about the impact that our coffee has on the planet. For this reason, our products are Fairtrade, certified organic,Australian grown coffee, affiliated with the Rainforest Alliance or a combination of the above.

Not only do we work hard to maintain this standard of ecological soundness in everything that we do, but we also make sure to remain at the cutting edge of new coffee trends – as is evidenced by our outstanding range of coffee pods that are home compostable and compatible with Nespresso machines.

Here, we’ve been able to combine our sustainability pledge with our keenness to embrace new ways of enjoying coffee: we’ve developed our very own compostable and biodegradable coffee pods so that you can drink pod-coffee guilt-free every time.

    • And Have a Fantastic Range of Products:

Bun Coffee is a seasoned producer of exceptional fresh ground coffee, coffee blends and expertly roasted beans. You can also enjoy our superb coffee pods, as mentioned above.

In addition, you can also pay us a visit to pick up wonderfully crafted loose leaf teas and tea bags in a range of flavours, warmly spiced chai powder and sumptuous drinking chocolate.

We stock a selection of superb brewing gear too, from espresso machines and coffee presses to reusable cups.

Try Our Coffee for Yourself & Discover Why We’re The Best Coffee Roasters in Byron Bay

best coffee blends in a bag

As well as our great espresso bar, roastery and online shop – which distributes our products across Australia and beyond – we also are wholesale coffee suppliers for retail outlets, cafés, restaurants and offices.

To make sure that our coffee is served perfectly each time and it’s the best Byron Bay’s coffee, we offer thorough advice and training for the staff and employees of our stockists. It’s important to us that businesses get the very best out of our products – after all, we aim to form lasting partnerships and support like-minded organisations.

To find out more about our products and services, or to request assistance to buy coffee online get in touch today on [email protected] – we’d love to hear from you.