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Café quality compostable coffee pods without the environmental guilt.

After years of hand roasting quality, speciality coffee for cafes across Australia Bun Coffee is bringing its café coffee to the Nespresso coffee pod market…without the environmental guilt. The pods are 100% compostable (in your home compost) taking just 12 weeks to decompose. Bun is launching its compostable pods with its two most popular blends – 100% Organic Fair Trade Blend and Organic Strong Espresso Blend.

Bun Coffee Pods Sustainability

“As a small player in the coffee world we knew that the only way to produce a Bun Pod was to produce it the right way….so it naturally had to be fully home compostable. In Australia alone we consume approximately 3 million pods per day (over 1 billion a per year!)….so ethically we had to play our part in helping to produce a fully compostable pod to help reduce the landfill bucket” says founder and master roaster David Kennedy.

“I have always said if you have the opportunity to provide a great tasting coffee that’s organic, fair trade or rainforest alliance and reduce your environmental footprint at no additional cost to your customers…why wouldn’t you?”

“As roasters, our customers know us for consistent, quality and freshness so to be able to extend this to the convenience of the Nespresso pod machine market with the huge benefits of compostable packaging opens up a whole new opportunity for consumers who want the convenience of a pod machine but baulk at the environmental issue associated with traditional pods” says David.

It’s this passion for quality, ethical coffee that’s seen David create his range of coffee blends and 40+ single origins sourced from around the world all roasted to order at the Bun Coffee Roastery in Byron Bay. Every coffee is either certified Fair Trade, Organic or Rainforest Alliance.

Taking this environmental commitment one step further, Bun Coffee has also started rolling out its new home compostable 1kg bag for their cafe and online customers.

“It’s been years in the sourcing to ensure the quality of the coffee is not compromised and the bag is truly home compostable” says David. We have finally done it we believe and are looking forward to rolling the packaging out to our entire range. ”

Drinking café quality coffee at home has never tasted this good…all without the environmental guilt.

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