Ethical Ground Coffee

Ethical Ground Coffee

Buying ethical ground coffee is a simple way to make sure you are buying in a way that does not exploit coffee growers and farmers. By choosing not to buy from larger corporations and chains you are helping to support smaller businesses and do your bit to not contribute to the cycle of unfair wages and working conditions that affect millions of workers worldwide. Read More

Why Ethical Ground Coffee Is the Better Choice

An easy way to distinguish whether you’re buying ethically traded ground coffee or not is by the certifications of the business, including the Fairtrade certification.

What Does It Mean If Coffee Is Fairtrade?

If coffee is Fairtrade, it means your coffee is traceable, so you know exactly where the beans have been sourced from and how the farmer profits from this. Fairtrade farmers will receive a guaranteed minimum price for their beans which is higher than market pricing, so they will get a steadier income and a more secure future. Another way that ensures Fairtrade farmers receive a fair wage while making sure the quality of crops stays high (so that we get better tasting coffee) is that over 25% of the Fairtrade premium goes towards improving crops, which in turn improves taste.

When you buy ethical ground coffee in Australia you are also helping protect the environment. Fairtrade farmers are given the resources to overcome issues of plant disease which can devastate crops. On top of this, the Fairtrade environmental standards ensure the land the farmers are growing on is well looked after and adapted to climate change.

Fairtrade coffee products also support gender equality by encouraging and empowering women to become involved in the coffee making process at co-operatives. The Fairtrade premium has also been used to promote gender equality training, improving the quality of life of countless women.

Here at Bun Coffee, you can buy ethical ground coffee online to help support all of these causes, one cup of coffee at a time.

Consider Buying Ethical Ground Coffee

Buying ethically sourced coffee is one of the easiest ways to support several causes that are currently going on in the world, that way too many people are simply unaware of. Just choosing Fairtrade coffee over any mass-produced bag of coffee allows you to support the farmers who need it while making sure you are not contributing to slavery or child labour at any point in the coffee making process. It’s such an easy switch, so what’s stopping you? What’s more, you’ll get a higher quality, better tasting cup of coffee out of it!

The positive effects are profound and help promote fairer wages, working conditions, sustainability and gender equality. To us, it seems like a straightforward decision and an easier way for you to help make the world a little better every day, by consciously choosing to be more mindful and ethical in your purchases. Read Less