Coffee Subscriptions

Keep forgetting to order coffee? Then have to make a mad dash to the supermarket to find something on the shelf but it doesn’t give you that same satisfaction?

Introducing Bun Coffee Subscriptions. Now you never have to run out of your favourite brew again. Simply choose your blend, your grind and how often you want to receive it…. and we’ll do the rest!

Bun Blends Subscription

Bun Single Origin Subscription

Bun Pods Subscription

How Bun Coffee Subscriptions Works

Choose your blend

Select your favourite from our 7 signature blends, or explore our latest single origins coffee from plantations all across the world such as Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia, Haiti, Hawaii, Australia, and more.

Choose how often to receive your coffee 

Bun Coffee can deliver your coffee either fortnightly, monthly, or every two months.

Here’s a quick guide to our recommended amounts and frequency: 

  • 250g – one bag per fortnight. Recommended for the daily coffee drinker
  • 500g – one bag per fortnight. Recommended for parties of two or more coffee drinkers
  • 1kg – one bag per fortnight. Recommended for 4+ daily coffee drinkers

You can also increase your order size to a monthly delivery and just pop the extra bags in the freezer.

Once you’ve subscribed to our coffee, all that’s left to do is enjoy your freshly roasted coffee when it arrives!

Advantages Of a Coffee Subscription

We love to share our passion for coffee with our customers. When it comes to coffee subscriptions, our main goal is to make sure that you never run out of your favourite blend. There’s nothing worse than going to make a morning coffee, only to scraping the bottom of the bag! We’ve mapped out our subscription service to allow for perfect timing – whether you’re brewing twice a day, daily, or every couple of days.

When you choose a coffee subscription with Bun Coffee, you will receive a blend of your choosing, whether it be one of our traditional blends, or a single origin blend, chosen by our master roaster, David.

Do you prefer whole beans or ground? For those who prefer ground coffee, we also give you the chance to select your preferred method for making your perfect mug of coffee. Is it a stovetop? Syphon? Drip Coffee? Commercial Espresso?

These options help us deliver the product that suits your needs best.

Having a multitude of sustainable and ethical sources for our coffee beans means we can continue to support the wider coffee community – by paying farmers fairly, seeking organic production methods, and respecting the local ecosystems.

Our coffees are pesticide free. We don’t use chemicals during processing, importing, or roasting. These greatly damage the environment and go against the sustainability ethos Bun Coffee lives and roasts by.

Save 5% on Your Coffee With Our Subscriptions! 

Bun Coffee has spent years perfecting blends and now we’re ready to deliver your favourites straight to you every month with a coffee bean subscription. You can even save 5% across our subscription range by choosing to buy your coffee through a subscription.

If you’re looking for a fair trade coffee subscription, Bun Coffee is the number 1 choice. Known for our quality, consistent roasts if you haven’t tried our extraordinary coffee bean creations and need a subscription service in Australia, what are you waiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there shipping costs for Bun Coffee’s subscriptions?

Based on where you are located, shipping costs may apply. The good news is that we offer free shipping for orders over $100. All other shipping costs are calculated at the checkout.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your coffee subscription at any time.

Simply log in to your account on our website and click the SUBSCRIPTIONS button in the top left navigation.

Click the VIEW button to see the details of your coffee subscription.

Click the CANCEL button to cancel your coffee subscription from your account.

If you choose to cancel, your coffee subscription will be ended immediately, and all future renewal charges will be stopped.

Note: You must cancel your subscription before your next subscription charge in order to prevent the charge and coffee delivery. If you miss this deadline, the cancellation will only apply to the following order.

How do I update my delivery address?

You can change your details by logging in to your ACCOUNT and selecting ADDRESSES in the left navigation. Click the EDIT MY ADDRESS button to update your details.

Check “Update the Billing Address used for all future renewals of my active subscriptions (optional)” and click the SAVE button.

Your subscription will be updated with your new details.