What is Single Origin Coffee?

Single source coffee is becoming an increasingly popular choice in coffee shops around Australia. And thanks to the unique flavours offered, it’s encouraging more coffee drinkers to take their coffee black rather than with milk.

If you’ve heard the term single origin and not only wondered what it is but whether it’s worth buying it rather than a blend, we’re here to give you the lowdown and introduce you to some of our Australian single origin coffees.

So, What is Single Origin Coffee?

As its name suggests, single origin coffee is sourced from one distinct coffee growing region or area. It can be traced to a single farm, region or grower but can come from any coffee growing region. At Bun Coffee, we import our single origin coffee from over 40 different countries, including Brazil, Cuba, Nepal, Yemen and many more.

What Makes Single Origin Coffee Special?

Coffee blends are made with several different beans that are chosen to complement each other. On the other hand, single origin coffees contain one type of bean which tends to give it a bolder, more robust, and more exotic taste. Single origin coffees are prized for their high quality and their purity.

Can You Add Milk to Single Origin Coffee?

Of course, you can add milk to any coffee if that’s what you prefer. However, we would usually recommend that you choose a blended coffee if you prefer café au lait. If you prefer to drink your coffee black, then a single origin coffee is an excellent choice as it gives you the opportunity to really appreciate and savour the flavour.

Bun Coffee: The place to Buy Superior Single Origin Coffee

At Bun Coffee, you’ll find an extensive range of single origin coffees sourced from around the world. Every coffee we supply is expertly roasted to order to enhance your coffee brewing and drinking experience.

Our Australian single origin coffees include:

Australian Byron Blue – we want to support our local farmers and it’s easy to do so when they produce such excellent beans. This single origin coffee is clean tasting and very smooth. It has a rich dark chocolate and floral finish with a marshmallow sweetness running through it – our mouths are watering just thinking of it. This coffee is grown in the Byron Bay hinterland and the rich, volcanic soil contributes to its unique taste.

Australian Chesterton Estate Peaberry – a sweet and smooth coffee with a subtle earthiness and distinct chocolate notes grown in North Queensland on the Chesterton Estate.

Australian Mountain Top Estate – grown in Northern NSW about 200 kilometres south of Brisbane, this coffee gets its unique flavour from its unique location – it’s the most southern coffee-growing region in the world. Think ripe berries, plums, apricots and apples with a hint of caramelised fruit and honey and you can get some idea of the sweetness of this coffee.

We also supply single origin coffees from other Australian growers and from growers around the world. Rest assured, all our coffee is Fairtrade, Certified Organic or Rain Forest Alliance Certified or Australian Grown so we’re not just doing our bit for the coffee drinkers of Australia but for the workers and the environment too.

If you want to make the switch to single origin coffee and start is exploring the dark side of coffee, we deliver coffee beans straight to your home.