Organic Coffee Beans, Fair Trade Roasters in Byron Bay | Bun Coffee
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Bun Coffee Single Origin

Bun Coffee

For the coffee lover in you.  Our Bun Coffee roastery specialises in organic coffeefair trade coffee, rainforest alliance coffee, as well as Australian grown coffee and single origin coffees from around the world. Purchase Bun Coffee online, at the roastery or at selected retail stockists.


Owner and master roaster David Kennedy sources the highest quality coffee beans to create a range of unique coffee blends, and has built a reputation for supplying consistent, high quality coffee products and personal service. Bun Coffee also offers a wide range of single origin coffees from around the world, with over 35 single origin coffees currently available to our customers, both online and wholesale.


As a wholesale coffee roastery, we love to partner with those that have a shared love of coffee.  We supply fresh roasted bulk coffee beans and the finest award winning coffee blends and tea varieties to cafés and retailers Australia-wide. You can purchase retail coffee packsretail loose leaf teatea bagsorganic rapadura sugarsyrupsorganic drinking chocolate, spiced chai powder and barista accessories, online or in-store. Read More

Fair Trade Organic Coffee Beans in Byron Bay

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From Bondi to Byron.

David and Jean of Dip Cafe relive a working relationship of 24 years and counting.

They know a thing or two about business longevity and the secret to success.