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Strong Espresso Blend Coffee


Strong, powerful yet beautifully balanced and smooth with a dark chocolately finish. This rich blend will satisfy anyone looking for an Italian-style espresso blend coffee with a real kick. 100% Certified Organic.


Espresso Blend Coffee

Certified Organic with green beans from Brazil, Ethiopia, Mexico, Nicaragua & PNG.
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A strong espresso blend that makes you and your day go faster.

Sometimes, the clock just doesn’t move. You’re stuck in the 3 pm rut and don’t have any energy.

In times like this, you need a powerful pick me up. And that’s what a strong espresso blend gives you!

An espresso is the base that goes into every coffee

It’s made when intense water and pressure are applied to the Portafilter (this is the stainless steel handle into which your barista places your coffee powder). The dark liquid that’s collected in the cup – that is espresso and the base of all coffee – without exception.

When a shot of espresso is served as is, this is called a short black. When two shots of espresso coffee blends are served along with hot water, it is called a long black.

When you froth milk and add it to an espresso blend of coffee – you get a latte, macchiato, piccolo or cappuccino.

The best espresso blend coffee beans

We are proud of our espresso blend. It is free of chemicals, fertilisers or pesticides. Bun Coffee proudly supplies coffee beans online in Australia. The beauty of our espresso is that the coffee tastes the way nature intended it to.

Australia is the lucky country for so many reasons, including our coffee.

A latecomer to the coffee growing industry, Australian coffee growers don’t use chemicals or fertilisers on our coffee trees. This gave Australian blends the unique, natural tones they enjoy today.

Our Espresso Coffee Blend Is Like No other

The one thing we’ve always striven to understand at Bun Coffee (we serve cafes across all Australian cities by the way) is our customers.

What 24 years of roasting and serving coffee in Byron Bay and all over Australia has taught us is that Australians want taste and strength from their daily grind.

This is what we’ve captured in our strong espresso blend coffee beans, available for you to try!

All our blends without exception are sourced from farms in Australia and around the world that follow sustainable and ethical business practices.

At Bun Coffee, we want our customers to enjoy more than a cup of coffee- we want them to also enjoy the satisfaction of knowing where it is sourced from. We have a wide variety of single origin coffee beans to choose from.

From Perth To Byron Bay, We Offer The Best Espresso Blends in Australia

Bun Coffee is offers Australian Certified Organic (ACO) coffee. All our roasting and coffee handling equipment is HACCP certified – safe for use. Our processes are state-of-the-art and include the use of the Swiss Water Process System which is chemical free and pure. We support the Rainforest Alliance coffee movement, bio-conservation and the 4C Global Coffee platform which looks after the rights of those engaged in growing and producing coffee.

To make an enquiry about our coffee, please call us now on +61 2 6680 9798 or email

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Weight 1000 g
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Whole Beans, Filter, Plunger, Domestic Espresso / Stovetop, Aeropress, Syphon, Turkish, Commercial Espresso

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250 14.5, 500 26 (2x250g), 1kg 46, 3kg (3x1kg) 128

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