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Shop a complete, diverse range of single origin Indonesian coffee beans with Bun Australia.

In partnership with local growers across Indonesia, we are proud to offer a range of different single-origin coffee beans from Indonesia. This includes our Bali Anaerobic (new in 2023), grown at an altitude of 1200-1500m, with tasting notes of soft almond and chocolate, complemented by a subtle pomelo citrus overtone. Our East Nusa Tenggara – Kamala Dulang is grown at 1400-1600m of altitude and is bursting with strawberry candy, guava jam, and lychee flavours. Additionally, we offer the Rantekarua Toraja Grade 1, an Indonesian single origin, beautifully balanced with a rich silky body and low acidity. Lastly, our Sumatra Blue Bianca single origin from Indonesia features sweet berry, citrus, bittersweet, ruby grapefruit, and biscuit flavours.

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