Roastery Waste - Bun Coffee
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Coffee + Planet


Together we can make a difference…


Our Roastery Waste Committment


  • Bins – We have taken our responsibility to another level and provide a green waste bin that we have collected privately to ensure that all of our compostable waste is actually composted including our used bio cups and lids and bags if needed.


  • Roaster after burner – in order to mitigate emissions of smoke and particulate matter we have installed an afterburner in our roastery.


  • Coffee grinds – all coffee associated waste products such as used coffee grinds and chaff from roasting are saved in compostable bags for pick up local gardening organisations/individuals for use as compost.


  • Coffee sacks –our empty hessian coffee sacks are either sold to raise funds for Byron Youth Service or donated to local Landcare groups where they are re-purposed as amazing compostable weed matting.


  • Cleaning Products -all cleaning and sanitising products used throughout the premises are organic compliant and manufactured using plant-derived, and mineral-based ingredients and as such are biodegradable and non-toxic.


  • No straws
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