Sustainability - Bun Coffee
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We do all we can to support the environment


From the selection of our coffee beans and tea leaves, right through to our packaging, we take our environmental responsibility and sustainability seriously. We even take the coffee grinds home from our espresso bar at the roastery to use as compost – great for veggie growing!


Coffee and tea selection


By choosing coffee and tea from Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade, organic and sustainable agriculture plantations and farms, we can help the environment and the people who grow these wonderful crops.  We are also a member of the 4C Association, working to advance sustainability in the coffee sector.


Sustainable take-away cups


Our BioCup take away cups are biodegradable.  Made using 60% less energy than regular take away cups, they are lined with natural PLA, not plastic and also come with a matching CPLA biodegradable lid.




Wherever possible we use biodegradable materials to package our tea, sugar and drinking chocolate.  Coffee packs are a little harder to accommodate due to the freshness factor, but we continuously keep a close eye on innovations in the packaging industry for more environmentally friendly alternatives that will also keep our coffee just as fresh.


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