Blog – The Best Decaf Coffee in Australia

Many of us are choosing to drink decaffeinated coffee rather than the caffeinated version. And while the reasons for doing so are varied, the move from full caff to decaf has been made so much easier thanks to the availability of high-quality decaf coffee on the market.

At Bun Coffee, we want to ensure you don’t have to compromise on taste or quality when it comes to decaf coffee, so we’ve brought you some of what we consider to be the very best decaf coffee in Australia. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what we have available.

The Swiss Water Process – The Best way to Naturally Decaffeinate Coffee

Our Smooth Organic Naturally Decaffeinated Coffee is 99.9% caffeine free and comes in a choice of bag sizes, so you can stock up on your favourite drink without any guilt. Just like all our decaffeinated coffees, the caffeine has been removed via the Swiss Water Process which eliminates practically all the caffeine without compromising the qualities of the bean or its flavour profile. This process also ensures that the beans retain much of their unroasted colour. Scoring a 6/10 on the strength scale, it’s a great option for a quick pick-me-up in the afternoon or as an after-dinner treat. You’ll get all the taste you expect from a high-quality decaf coffee and still be able to sleep at night. Choose from whole bean coffee or ask us to grind it for you. All our coffees are hand roasted and freshly ground to order by us here at Byron Bay to ensure you get the freshest coffee possible.

Our 4 Best Decaf Coffee Beans

But what is the best decaf coffee?

Our Best Decaffeinated Coffee from Papua New Guinea

Our PNG decaffeinated coffee hails from Papua New Guinea where it is grown on small plantations in the mountain highlands. Coffee from Papua New Guinea is smooth and sweet with a medium body and acidity level and is characterised by its dark chocolate, almond and subtle plum flavours. Thanks to the Swiss Water decaffeination process, 99.9% of the caffeine has been naturally removed to leave the bean’s distinctive origin and flavour characteristics intact making it a delicious treat for anyone who prefers to avoid drinking caffeinated coffee. Its unique taste ensures that this single origin coffee is the perfect choice for coffee drinkers who like their coffee black. Of course, you can always add milk to taste – it’s entirely up to you.

The Best Decaffeinated Coffee Pods for Your Convenience

If you prefer to use coffee pods, our Nespresso-compatible decaffeinated coffee pods should be the first thing you put in your basket. They have such a smooth and sweet flavour; you’ll find it difficult to tell the difference between these and regular caffeinated coffee. And that’s all thanks to how the beans were grown and the 100% chemical-free Swiss water decaffeination process. The result is a medium bodied and creamy drink with the perfect balance of acidity, fruitiness, and sweetness. And when you’ve finished with the pods and the bag they came in, you can simply add them to the compost. Each box of coffee goodness contains 10 pods, so order your coffee bean delivery today.

Of course, like all caffeinated Bun Coffee coffees, all our decaffeinated coffees are Certified Organic and hand roasted right here in Byron Bay.