What Is Ethical Coffee?

In a nutshell, by buying coffee from speciality coffee roasters and small businesses, you are usually going to be buying ethically. To buy ethically means to buy coffee that does not exploit its workers and growers and usually means the coffee roasters will be very involved in the entire coffee making process, from the farming all the way through to the processing and eventually, the roasting.

Why Should You Buy Ethically Sourced Coffee?

By buying from an ethical coffee company, you are ensuring that you are not contributing to the exploitative and damaging cycle

So, who exactly benefits when you buy coffee that has been ethically sourced? The short answer is everyone. From the coffee roaster to the coffee grower to you, the consumer. Not only does buying certified coffee from speciality roasters ensure that you are supporting each person in the chain, but you are also actively not contributing to perpetuating the cycle of unethical working practices that are unfortunately so common. In addition to this, by buying ethically, you are also usually buying sustainably, helping not only people but the planet.

Your coffee will also taste better! If the coffee roaster is intimately involved with the entire process, they are more likely to care about the quality and taste of the coffee beans they acquire. As well as this, fairer wages and better working conditions means that less cheap pesticides and herbicides will be used, all contributing to better tasting coffee.

Spending a little more money ensures that you are doing what you can to not contribute to awful and unfair working practices, all while getting a better tasting cup of coffee than any large corporation could offer you.

What Can I Do?

The easiest thing for you to do is to buy from speciality coffee roasters that offer ethical coffee in Australia

Another easy thing to look for is certifications. If your roaster has certifications, including Organic, Fair Trade suppliers and Rainforest Alliance for example, this is usually a quick and sure sign that they are doing their bit to ensure everyone involved in the coffee making process is getting a fair deal. If you are still unsure, we would suggest getting in touch with the company you are looking to buy from and asking them directly about their ethical practices.

Buy Ethically Traded Coffee to Do Your Bit

Coffee is a staple in most people’s days. Make sure that you’re not contributing to a damaging cycle by buying from places that ensure fairer wages and working conditions throughout the entire coffee making process. By buying ethically traded coffee you get to support small Australian business, know exactly where and how your coffee has been sourced, and get a better tasting cup of coffee out of it!