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Australian Mountain Top Estate Coffee


Delicious flavours of ripe berries, apricots & plums. Hints of caramelised fruits & honey.

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Mountain Top Estate – Nimbin NSW

The Northern NSW growing region is located about 200 kilometres south of Brisbane, at latitude 28° south, which is almost 1,600 kilometres from the Tropic of Capricorn. This is the most southern coffee growing region in the world, with a unique microclimatic replicating the conditions found in more equatorial coffee growing regions of 1200 meters.

Delicious flavours of ripe berries, apricots, apple & plums. Hints of caramelised fruits & honey. Sweet and full-bodied.
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Australian estate coffee- a more consistent taste and texture

Demand for Australian estate coffee has been growing steadily. The reason is pretty straightforward – estate coffee – meaning coffee which is grown on the same coffee farm or estate – is more consistent in taste, texture and style.

Is Australian Estate Coffee the Same as Single Origin Coffee?

Australian estate coffee and Australian single origin coffe are almost the same – a small technical difference exists. Estate coffee must come from a single estate. Single origin coffee can come from the same estate or from neighbouring coffee estates.

Is There a Difference in the Taste of Australian Mountain Top Estate Coffee?

Yes, most definitely! Australian grown coffee tends to be less acidic as compared to coffee blended from multiple coffee estates. For this reason, baristas prefer to use them when people ask for long blacks, short blacks and espresso shots.

Australia’s coffee estates can be found in Queensland and Northern New South Wales

Australia’s coffee estates can be found in far North Queensland and North East New South Wales. The most important area for coffee estates is Far North Qld and Northern NSW. There are reported to be over 650,000 coffee trees planted on estates in these regions alone.

Coffee grows well in these regions because of the climate. Coffee trees prefer a climate that is cool, with temperatures that are ideally between 15 – 25 degrees celsius.

Soil must be red, alluvial and well-drained so the roots of the trees don’t get waterlogged. All these conditions are prevalent in Northern New South Wales and Queensland, which make them the ideal regions for growing and harvesting coffee!

Bun Coffee Sources and Sells the Best Coffee From Australian Estates

We visit the coffee estates before we buy from them. We meet with the growers, to understand their coffee growing and production methods.

Bun Coffee is an ethical, fair trade coffee supplier, we have our own business practices audited independently from time to time.

This ensures that our products and our practices match at all times.

Bun Coffee is HACCP certified. What this means is all our roasters and coffee handling equipment is safe will never harm the beans we bag for you.

We are also an Australian Certified Organic producer of coffee. All our beans are chemical and pesticide FREE.

Additionally, we follow Swiss Water Process while decaffeinating our coffee beans. The Swisss Water Process ensures we remove the caffeine from beans (in our decaffeinated variants) but not the flavour!

To learn more about our coffees (we have brands from over 40 countries in stock) please call us now on +61 2 6680 9798 or email

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