Our packaging committment

bun coffee cups

Coffee cups

Our BioCup take away cups are biodegradable.  Made using 60% less energy than regular take away cups, they are lined with natural PLA, not plastic and also come with a matching CPLA biodegradable lid. They can go in our green compost bins or if you are not lucky enough to live in a green compost bin area, they can also go in the recycle bin.

bun coffee shipping

Boxes and shipping

We now make sure that our products are shipped in a sustainable manner. We use cardboard which is both recyclable and compostable. We use compostable tape and compostable “invoice enclosed” envelopes on our packages.

Coffee bags

Wherever possible we use biodegradable materials to package our tea, sugar and drinking chocolate.  Coffee packs have been a little harder to accommodate as we needed to find a material that could maintain the freshness of the coffee and provide an effective barrier against light and moisture. We have been researching and trialling this area for many years and continue to talk to various suppliers in order to find something that would achieve this goal.  We trialled fully compostable packs in our 1 kg blends to find that the packs were not able to maintain the product freshness. We are currently transitioning the 250 gm and 1kg packs into Recyclable 4 packaging that can be recycled in soft plastics.

This is an on-going quest and we will continue to pursue better outcomes for our packaging in the years to come as new materials and technologies enter the market place.

Coffee pods

We have been asked about producing coffee pods for years now and have resisted due to the fact that previously pods were not made from sustainable resources and produced massive amounts of waste. We have now found a plant based pod that is 100% compostable, including the lid.  Did you know that Australian’s consume an estimated 3 million pods a day!