Single Origin Coffee Subscription

Single Origin Coffee Subscription

From: FROM $15.50 FROM $14.73 every 2 weeks

Enjoy a curated subscription of Single Origin coffees. Our Roastery Team will pick a single origin for you to try every subscription cycle. Simply sign up below, choose your bag size and frequency below. We will do the rest.




Save 5% With A Single Origin Subscription

Everyone has their favourite coffee tastes. Some like it strong, and some prefer it bitter. Bun Coffee has a range of single origin coffees available on our subscription service.

If you’re not sure what a single origin coffee is, we made this page for you!

Our extensive range spans the world of beautiful coffees. We stock coffee from Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia, Haiti, Hawaii, Australia and so many more.

The beans come from various plantations, offering a diverse range of coffees and flavour profiles unique to their parts of the globe. Some coffees have been washed during processing, but others, such as the Ecuador Finca Cruz (Honey), haven’t. These coffees are allowed to dry with all parts of the bean kept to intensify the final result and deliver coffee with more substance.

When you love the variety of coffee and what to be surprised and delighted with a different coffee every month, you’ll save time by taking advantage of our subscription service. Each bag of coffee comes in a variety of sizes, so you’ll always find great the best value for you when purchasing your favourites with Bun Coffee.
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Your Subscription With Bun Coffee And What To Expect

We live and breathe coffee. It’s more than a passion – it’s a lifestyle! And we want to share a piece of that every time we ship an order. All our single origin coffees are roasted to order.

That means it’s not roasted any more than 24 hours before your coffee delivery. You won’t find a fresher organic single origin coffee subscription than that.

Fresh coffee tastes magical. It’s unlike any other coffee and if you haven’t tried it you absolutely should. It allows you to drink the coffee as nature intended. It hasn’t been sitting on a shelf for who knows how long. The flavours are far more pronounced.

If you want to know more about our range of single origin coffees, visit our single origin section and choose your country. Each product coffee has a tasting notes section to show you the depths of flavours that come through with every drop. We’ve also included notes on the origin and production methods so you can see the rich history of these coffees and their origin story.

Browse all of our coffee subscription or set up your single origin subscription today! Save yourself 5% and experience the delights of freshly roasted coffee every day.
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