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Decaffeinated Coffee


100% Naturally Decaffeinated Coffee – 99.9% Caffeine Free!
Smooth and sweet, with exceptional flavour, you’d never guess it’s decaffeinated!


Smooth and sweet, with exceptional flavour, you’d never guess it’s decaffeinated! This 100% organic coffee is shade grown, Fair Trade, and decaffeinated using the 100% chemical-free swiss water process. The cup is medium bodied and creamy, with a nice balance between the acidity, a small amount of fruitiness and a mild sweetness. Read More

Outstanding Organic Decaffeinated Coffee

Are you looking for an extraordinary and incomparable decaf coffee experience? Maybe you suffer from headaches, have trouble sleeping, anxiety or other caffeine-related side effects. However, this shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the incredible flavours of coffee. With our rich blends, fresh beans, and convenient coffee pods you can still have that morning brew, afternoon coffee break and even, after dinner cup without compromising on a sensational taste and smooth texture. Going decaffeinated shouldn’t mean less quality. At Bun Coffee, we’re master roasters who strive to provide you with wonderfully natural produce.

Swiss Water Process & Naturally Decaf Coffee For Sustainability Splendour

As coffee lovers we have a responsibility to ensure that we can produce and savour this much-loved drink in a fair and environmentally friendly way, to ensure the continuity of exceptionally grown coffee. At Bun Coffee, we’re more than just premium coffee roasters in Byron Bay we’re passionate producers and avid advocators of just practices and ethical business.

So, when you purchase our varieties of decaffeinated coffee, you won’t just be supporting an Australian company but also farmers and workers all over the world!

You can purchase our Fair Trade certified organic decaf coffee blends in several forms to cater to your coffee making equipment. So, why not buy our decaffeinated coffee beans to grind some vibrancy into your daily routine? Our blends are medium-bodied, subtly sweet, creamy with a hint of fruitiness. So not only are we fair-minded, we’re also flavour conscious and real connoisseurs when it comes to coffee.

For a single-serve spectacular, there’s our biodegradable coffee pods. We’re truly committed to embedding our mission in everything from our practices down to our packaging. So not only are pods biodegradable but so are our 1kg compostable bags. Our decaffeinating procedures follow the 100% chemical-free swiss water process too.

Why Choose Bun Coffee For Your Decaffeinated Coffee Beans?

Essentially, we’re a business that truly cares. We care about how our coffee is grown, those who grow it and where it’s grown. We care about our dedicated team members whose knowledge and love for this industry is second to none. We care about our customers and partners who are as enthusiastic as we are about organic, fairly produced coffee.

We’re based down at Byron Bay and adore welcoming people from all over who come far and wide as well as locally to try out our blends. We’ve worked hard to comprehensively include all the details of our practices and products online so that when you order, you’ll be receiving the very best service. Enjoy free shipping on all orders over $100, roasted within 24 hours and shipped as soon as possible!

If you like the sound of our daily grind and you enjoy decaffeinated coffee, why not get in touch with us? If you’re around Byron Bay, you can come down directly to our Roastery and Espresso bar. Or, alternatively, you can call, email or fill out an online form to outline any enquiry you may have. We’re always at your disposal to answer any of your questions and chat about our products. We love connecting with you! So, find us on social media for our latest posts too.

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