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“Want to offer your customers a coffee that consistently stands out? And make your cafe the coffee destination in your suburb?

We do things a little different at Bun Coffee….it starts with a relationship and a great consistent product “


A shared love of coffee is at the heart of our partnerships.  It’s about working together to create the best coffee for your customers, so they keep coming back for more!  Our partnerships are built on understanding how we can best support you and your coffee needs from coffee blends, single origins to staff training and equipment supply and maintenance.

We also value and support those who bring us this incredible crop and we are proud to support ethical farming practices and purchase only Organic, Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance or Australian grown coffees.

With years of industry experience from barista, roaster and café owner, our sales and support team have been  at the coalface and absolutely understand the importance of making a consistent and incredible tasting coffee….every time.

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Your Cafe Wholesale Speciality Coffee Suppliers

At Bun Coffee, we’re serious about your business. We’re great listeners and strongly believe in creating long-lasting links. Our understanding of this industry as coffee suppliers comes from firsthand experience in a variety of job roles as everything from café owners to baristas. And it’s not only our expertise that fuels us when it comes to establishing relationships, but it’s also our passion, determination and dedication to providing wonderful wholesale coffee.

Speaking to you, fellow coffee fan and entrepreneur, really, we’re in this business because we love to put smiles on people’s faces. We’re always striving to give more for our customers so that they want to come back time and time again. If you’re looking for unique, single origins and organic, Fair Trade Coffee Suppliers look no further than our reputable Roastery.

A Fair, Fervent & Fruitful Friendship With Your Bulk Coffee Supplier

There is a plethora of reasons as to why we’re the best coffee bean suppliers for you.

  • We’re ardent supporters of education, better prices, security and sustainability for the farmers who work incredibly hard to provide not only stellar coffee but also, for their families and local communities. That’s why all our products are Certified as Organic, Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance Coffee or Australian grown. Therefore, when you work with us, you’ll be backing these principles too.
  • The diversity, dynamism and energy of this industry invigorate us to provide the best quality roasts possible.
  • We don’t just dump and deliver; we make real connections with people. We listen to your particular goals and go the extra mile to help you. We can work out what blends will best suit you, assist staff training, supply, and teach you how to look after equipment.
  • Attention to detail is vital to us and that’s why our beans are masterly roasted and always taste great.

Simply Excellent Coffee from Wholesale Coffee Suppliers You Can Trust

There are many wholesale coffee suppliers in Australia, but at Bun Coffee, we believe we offer wholesale coffee with a difference. We’re all about giving our customers the best possible coffee backed up with the best possible customer service. It’s just what we do. Our customers become our friends. And we never let friends down.

We’re the wholesale coffee supplier that knows about doing things from the bottom up. We’ve been the barista and we have owned coffee shops ourselves, so we know what makes a good cup of coffee and we know how to make a good cup of coffee too. And it all starts with the bean! Poor ingredients never result in a premium product!

When you choose Bun Coffee as your wholesale coffee suppliers, you can be rest assured that our beans won’t let you down. Whether you choose full caff, decaf, or single origin coffee, our organic coffees will give you the starting point for creating beautiful brews for your customers, time and time again.

Place Your Order Now and Discover Just How Good Coffee Can Taste

At Bun Coffee, we’re experts in all things coffee. We’re experts at creating the best blends and experts at coffee roasting. It’s our passion, our life, it’s what we do! And we want to share our expertise with you. Because we believe that wherever your coffee shop may be in Australia, your customers deserve the very best coffee. Let’s say au revoir to inferior beans and questionable blends and say bonjour to coffee that’s been chosen for its taste and its sustainability.

If you’re serious about having the coffee shop that’s on everyone’s lips, get in touch with us now. And if you’re in the area, we’d love to see you in at our Roastery Door and Espresso Bar and introduce you to the Bun Coffee difference – a difference your customers will love.

Best Coffee Bean Suppliers In Australia

We have over 30 years of experience in coffee roasting. Our fabulous founder David, once a patisserie owner, has always been passionate about sourcing out the very finest.

We’ll be a loyal friend, fierce supporter and reliable partner as well as conscientious coffee suppliers.

Customer service is crucial to us and we’ll always do everything in our power to provide you with swift, stress-free service. Our ultimate wholesale aim is to be suppliers you’re proud of and enjoy working with. We want to create a mutually beneficial relationship so that we can continue growing and developing together. In this sense, we’re as sustainable as our products.

We simply love making excellent coffee and we want to spread and share our brilliant roasts with you.

If you’re interested in blending business with us, why not provide us with some information and we’ll do everything we can to fulfil your needs.

You can complete our form online, email or call us up for a chat. If you’re in or around the Byron Bay area you are more than welcome to drop by our Roastery any time. We’re always thrilled to hear from you and can’t wait to become your favourite wholesale coffee suppliers. Read Less

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If you’re looking for a coffee partner that’s committed to providing the best coffee quality experience for your business, baristas and customers, we would love to chat.

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