Bali Anaerobic

Bali Anaerobic


Soft almond and chocolate with a subtle pomelo citrus overtone.




Bali Senja Batukaang

Anaerobic Washed

Region: Batukanng

Producer: Karana

Varietel: Kartika (Catuai)

Process: Anaerobic Washed Honey

Altitude: 1200-1500 MASL


Tasting Notes

Soft almond and chocolate with a subtle pomelo citrus overtone.

Origin Story

This particular lot was processed using an anaerobic-washed honey technique. The Anaerobic washed honey coffee process is almost identical to the anaerobic honey process, with the difference being the mucilage let sit on the beans only for 12 hours before being washed off.

The fresh ripe cherries are picked and the floaters are sorted first before the cherries are left to ferment for a few days. After the fermentation reached our desired pH, they were pulped from the fruits, leaving the mucilage with the beans as much as possible. The beans rested for 12 hours before the mucilage was washed off with demucilager or brush. The washed beans were then dried on raised beds to allow air to flow around the fruit and offer a more even drying process for about 2-3 weeks while the beans turned or raked during the drying process. Once the parchments are completely dry, they are sent out for hulling to remove the coffee bean from the parchment and then off to the dry milling process to sort the beans based on weight, size, and colour.

About Senja:

“Senja” means sunset in Sanskrit. Like the different colour and stages of the sunset, this taste profile is signified by a combination of deeper and complex vibrancy with an accompanying fruit sweetness and rounded body.

About Karana:

Karana is a boutique producer/processor of Indonesian Specialty Coffee focusing on Bali. They started as a micro-lot processor in developing quality Arabica and Robusta products from the coffee plantations of Kintamani and Tabanan but are now operators of these farms as well.

The coffees are processed in Bali’s cultural centre of Ubud, one hour from the Arabica coffee plantations of Kintamani. They train and employ local folks contributing annual projects centred on community education and the environment.

Karana Global is one of the local thought leaders in coffee fermentation techniques and we are very excited to bounce off ideas with this year’s harvest. Together, we processed all of our CATUR Collection taste profiles as well.






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