Nook Espresso is an inspiring example of how to do coffee really well.  This hugely popular gem of an espresso bar right on the beach in Burleigh Heads is the brainchild of Paola Pearse and her business partner Marcus Wilkins.

This ‘hole in the wall’ began in 2008 and has been modeled in the tradition of the coffee drinking cultures of Europe and South and Central Americas.  It pumps out takeaway coffees to its loyal customers seven days a week.

With a constant stream of passersby, you get the feeling everyone knows everyone here, and if they don’t they soon will.  The conversations have a consistent seaside theme with lots of chat about swell and surf conditions.

According to Paola the secret to Nook’s success has been its ability to achieve the right balance between three crucial elements.

“To run a good espresso bar you need good quality freshly roasted coffee, a capable barista who is passionate about their work and views customers as friends and good equipment that is looked after properly,” she says.

“Our little ‘window’ on the beach has been a brilliant success because we love what we do.

“We serve Bun Coffee’s Rainforest Alliance coffee and make it our business to get to know our new customers’ names and what they drink. So many of our customers have been coming since we started out that we really do consider them our friends.”

“It’s great going to work knowing you can catch up on the news of the day.”

Nook has proved so popular since it began that a second store, located around the corner in Stocklands Shopping Centre, was opened in 2011.  Like the original, this second Nook Espresso was set up to deliver great coffee made by professional baristas and has been doing exactly that for the last three years.

Nook Espresso

43 Goodwin Tce

Burleigh Heads QLD 4220