Product Feature:: Nitro Coffee

What is it?

Nitro coffee as the name suggests is coffee infused with nitrogen gas.

How is it made?

Cold brew coffee, known for its smooth low acid properties, is infused with nitrogen and dispensed via a pressurized valve through a disc with tiny holes producing a smooth creamy “Guinness like” texture.

How is it served?

At Bun Coffee we serve our nitro coffee chilled straight from the tap into your glass, looking as cool as it tastes.

What does it taste like?

It is smooth, rich and creamy with delicious micro bubbles. We specialize in unique single origin nitro. Given that cold brew in general is less acidic than hot coffee because of it’s extended brewing time therefore arguably healthier.

Why drink it?

For those days when it feels too warm for a hot drink but you’re still craving your caffeine fix! It tastes delicious with a smooth and refreshing taste, and is on trend right now so give it a go!