‘Be your own barista.’ Never be without a quality espresso with this portable Nanopresso, it’s the perfect, hand powered portable espresso maker for amazing coffee on the go! Known for it’s exceptional extraction and crema, it won’e dissappoint.

Recommended Dose

8g of fine ground  coffee.  We recommend a commercial ground. 2 mintues brewing time.

Equipment Needed

  • Nanopresso
  • Commercial Ground Coffee
  • Boiling water
  • Nanopresso measuring scoop
  • Burr grinder (optional)
  • Milk of choice (optional)


  • To minimise heat loss, run a brewing cycle with hot water and without coffee. This will pre-heat your cup and a slightly stronger brew.
  • Put grinds into the filter basket – use the Nanopresso scoop for 8g and fill basket. Tamp with back of scoop – 2ml from top
  • Cover the filter basket with the portafilter and place on top of the main body of the Nanopresso.  Screw lid on tight.
  • Add boiling water into the water chamber (fill up to the recommended line for ideal coffee water ratio) and twist into the main body with the coffee grounds in it.
  • Release the pump piston by twisting it so it pops out.
  • Turn upside down and press 6/7 times which builds up pressure and extraction starts.
  • Keep pumping.  Stop pumpming at desired espresso amount.  We recommend not pumping all water through the grinds, only extracting the first 10 – 15ml, then either use the rest of the water from the chamber to make a ‘little long black’ or using your milk of choice a little piccolo.
  • Recycle/compost your coffee grinds responsibly
  • Note: Experiment to make your ideal coffee 🙂


Enjoy your delicious brew!