Are you like us and never grew up with Halloween and now you can’t escape it?   Your local supermarket is filled with Halloween skeletons, cobwebs, pumpkins and lollies.

We’re not quite there yet with embracing Halloween trick or treating but thought we’d embrace it in the best way we know how…with coffee! 

Showcasing our Limited Harvest Zombie cool is the coffee sack?  This coffee is  exclusive to Bun through a direct trade collaboration with Cafe Kreyol.

Tasting Notes:

Features a well – rounded body with low acidity.  With notes of sugar, caramel, nougat & nuts this spicy, floral, well-balanced cup has a surprise fruity finish.

Origin Story:

Savanne Zombie is one of Haiti’s higher altitude coffees.

The Direct Trade system, which is now the backbone of Cafe Kreyol, believes that quality and sustainability are parallel. Farmers get paid based on the quality of their products and practice this belief by paying up to 300% higher wages than what Fair Trade requires.

Cafe Kreyol work to alleviate poverty in rural coffee-growing regions, one cup at a time.

So whether you Halloween or not, we do hope you enjoy a coffee on the day and perhaps even a Zombie coffee.