Coffee Tasting Notes – Fruit Tones

All things fruity…

From peach to cherry to plum and apricot flavour notes

Ever wondered what makes some coffees burst with flavours that remind you of a fresh peach or a juicy apricot?

The secret lies in the combination of the coffee’s origin, variety and processing method. Stone fruit notes in coffee—a delightful range of flavours from apricots to plums—are predominantly shaped by the altitude at which our beans are grown.

The cooler climate and slower bean development at high altitudes allows for the formation of more complex sugars and flavourful acids, enhancing the vibrant, fruity undertones.

Below are our top picks of stone fruit coffee flavours

Peach Flavour Notes…

Costa Rica Tarrazu – Soft peach, orange, hibiscus, and pineapple notes throughout. A sweet, medium and juicy body that follows sparkling lime acidity. Hazelnut, caramel, and orange slice notes to finish.

Apricot Flavour Notes…

Nicaragua Organic – A medium to full bodied coffee with a light, mild acidity. Exhibiting nutty cocoa flavours with an apricot fruit finish.

Cherry Flavour Notes…

Kenya AA Doondoo Estate – Dark chocolate, cherry, naval orange, red wine.