All things (chocolate) coffee for Easter

Chocolatey coffee tones. Looking for that perfect coffee to complement your Easter feasting?  We’ve selected our top 7 pick of coffees with chocolate tones that will be an ultimate long weekend treat.

Cafe Blend – Sweet and bright with chocolaty overtones, making a smooth milk based coffee with no trace of bitterness. Shade grown on Rainforest Alliance certified forested coffee farms.

Hawaii Kauai Prime  – This is another great example of why the Hawaiian Island coffees are revered the world over. Silky smooth and medium-bodied with low acidity. Sweet spicy notes upfront with a beautiful chocolate sweetness on the finish.

Limited Harvest PNG Purosa Valley –  A stunning coffee, exceptional as a long or short black. Rich body with milk chocolate, butter toffee, ripe plum and a spicy, floral finish.

Mexican Kassandra – This coffee is a complex bean, exhibiting plums, port, syrup & liquorice intertwined with caramel sugars and a dark chocolate finish.

Rwanda Urengerekawa – Smooth and very sweet with hints of currant, aniseed and chocolate.

Honduras Decaffeinated – Molasses, almonds, chocolate, and warm spice. Sweet stonefruit acidity. Sticky texture with toffee, dark chocolate, and a roasted peanut finish.

Australian Byron Blue – Clean and very smooth with a marshmallow sweetness and rich dark chocolate and floral finish.

 A ‘chocolate easter’ with a coffee twist!