A conversation over coffee between friends was the catalyst for an ongoing partnership between Bun Coffee and the not for profit organisation So They Can, empowering communities through education to break the poverty cycle.

David and Jenny Kennedy’s good friend and fellow Northern Rivers resident Mary Nelson has been involved with So They Can since it began more than eight years ago.  When she realised her friends roasted coffee beans from Kenya she saw an opportunity to establish a connection.

Since November 2014 all profits from the sale of Bun Coffee’s Kenya AA single origin coffee have gone directly to So They Can.

“We saw a synergy between where our coffee is grown and the direct impact we could have on local families,” said David Kennedy.

“Part of the appeal of the partnership was that we derive many of our coffees from countries where local communities need our support.  It’s the same reason we choose Fairtrade and sustainable coffees for all our blends.

“If Bun Coffee can help So They Can educate schoolchildren in Kenya and Tanzania that’s fantastic.”

David explains the Kenyan AA coffee is an outstanding bean and offers a very rich single origin experience.  It exhibits unique complexities of fruits and citrus, with a balanced wine-like finish that’s more noted toward dark currant fruit.

“We roast the Kenyan coffee to meet online orders,” says David “and we also regularly offer the Kenya AA at our roastery door in Byron Bay.”

So They Can CEO, Cassandra Treadwell, says the organisation is very proud to have its own So They Can Bun Coffee.

“These coffee beans are from Kenya where we are educating 960 children at our school, Aberdare Ranges Primary.  We are also supporting the education of over 2700 children living in poverty in Tanzania so they can become self-sufficient and realise their own potential.

“Funds raised from the So They Can Bun Coffee go toward the ‘brain food’ program at the  Aberdare Ranges Primary School, which gives all students two hot meals a day enabling them to learn.”

To find out more about So They Can, the amazing work they are doing and how you can help visit www.sotheycan.org or order the Kenya AA coffee online here.