Coffee Tasting Notes – Berry Tones

From strawberry to raspberry to blackberry flavour notes


Ever wondered what makes some coffees burst with flavours that remind you of a fresh raspberry or a juicy strawberry?

The secret lies in the combination of the coffee’s origin, variety and processing method. Berry fruit notes in coffee—a delightful range of flavours from strawberries to raspberries—are predominantly shaped by the altitude at which our beans are grown.

The presence of berry flavours in coffee is a sought after flavour trait, which adds a delightful complexity and can make a cup of coffee feel more vibrant and refreshing..

Below are our top picks of berry fruit coffee flavours

Strawberry Flavour Notes…

East Nusa Tenggara – An absolute fruit bomb: this coffee is loaded with strawberry candy, guava jam and lychee flavours. A juicy bubble gum sweetness is balanced by pleasant boozy notes of natural wine, black grape and spiced rum, rounding off with a milk chocolate finish.  Exclusive to Bun!

Raspberry Flavour Notes…

Colombia Huila Excelso – Raspberry-like, honey, brown sugar, lemon/lime, bright acidity, sweet.

Blackberry Flavour Notes…

Malaysian Liberica  – Rare Liberica species, direct from Malaysia!  Intensely sweet with a juicy body and distinct jackfruit, lychee, date and blackberry with a hint of liquorice.