For the coffee loving outdoor adventurer!  The AeroPress is the perfect portable coffee maker for your next hike or camping trip. Coupled with your favourite Bun Coffee blend having great tasting coffee on your next holiday, adventure or hike is just a few presses away!

Recommended Dose

15g heaped teaspoon of ground coffee.  We recommend an espresso grind (fine grind).

Equipment Needed


  • Place a clean, dry filter paper in the AeroPress lid
  • Bring kettle to the boil and rinse filter paper, this also pre-heats the AeroPress.
  • Grind coffee if required
  • Stand the AeroPress upside down with the plunger inserted.
  • Put ground coffee in AeroPress body
  • Pour 250ml water in body, saturating all the coffee grounds
  • Stir quickly approx. 20 seconds
  • After 2 minutes of steeping, turn the AeroPress over and plunge into your cup. Plunging should take approx. 30 seconds. Plunge all the way down.
  • Note: The chamber may hold alot of pressure but take your time and press all the way down
  • Recycle/compost your coffee grinds responsibly


Enjoy your delicious brew!