The 5 Best Christmas Coffee Beans of 2021

Christmas is one of the best times to spend time indoors with loved ones and a warm cup of coffee. Some extra special coffee beans also make an excellent present for the coffee lovers in your life, and we all know that during the busy holiday period, we sometimes need a bit of extra caffeine. In short, coffee is the perfect Christmas beverage, and here are some of the best coffee beans you can try this year.

100% Australian Grown Coffee

If you’re making a commitment to become more sustainable and aware of your carbon footprint next year, start by buying Australian-grown and produced products instead of produce that has been shipped across the whole world. This delicious Australian coffee is sweet and rich, with a hint of chocolate and a nutty finish. The acidity is low, and these beans are naturally low in caffeine, as well as being more gentle on the digestive system than most coffees. The beans are also free from pesticides, so you can rest assured you’re not ingesting any nasty chemicals.

100% Shade Grown Rainforest Coffee

A smooth and unique blend with strong flavour and aromas of fruit and flowers, the Shade Grown Rainforest Blend is strong and smooth with excellent acidity. The flavour is sweet and bright. These versatile coffee beans are great in an intense espresso or a full-flavoured milk-based coffee. No matter how you take your coffee, they’ll be a great fit. Hand roasted in Byron Bay, they come in a variety of grind types, like all our coffees. By Choosing and drinking this coffee you are supporting farmers who are educated, paid correctly and who are using sustainable farming practices to farm their crops. Drinking an ethical coffee doesn’t get any better.

Strong Espresso Blend Coffee

If you prefer a shot or two of espresso instead of a large coffee, this blend is for you. Make a smooth, chocolatey, Italian-style espresso in your own home using our Strong Espresso Blend. This is a strong one with a real kick. These beans are also 100% certified organic for those looking to start a healthier lifestyle after the holidays but not wanting to give up their caffeine.

100% Certified Organic Coffee Blend

This blend of organic coffee beans makes an excellent coffee with hints of chocolate, liquorice, and caramel in a blend of flavours. It’s smooth, rich, and full-bodied, and it’s completely organic. When coffee beans are certified organic, it means there are no pesticides or chemical fertilisers and more nutrients, meaning they make for a much healthier option. You also contribute to helping the farmers who grow the beans and help to prevent deforestation. Drinking certified organic coffee is a great way to make a New Year’s commitment to the health of yourself and the planet without losing out on your daily coffee.

Yemen Coffee Single Origin – Mocha Haraz

This is one of our newest flavours and one that definitely can’t be missed. Full, luscious, and spicy and with chocolate undertones, what’s not to love? Haraz is a region in Yemen known for its delicious coffee, and now you can taste it without leaving your home. Our single originblend Yemen Coffee makes an excellent Christmas present, for a loved one or for yourself.