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Bun Coffee’s New Compostable Packaging

In our ongoing environmental commitment Bun Coffee is rolling out 100% compostable (in your home compost) packaging for the coffee blends as well as launching the new home compostable Bun Coffee pods (Nespresso compatible).

Q & A with Founder and Master Roaster David Kennedy

How did this come about?

We have been talking to various manufacturers and testing packaging for almost 10 years. For us the packaging always needed to be 100% ‘home’ compostable without compromising the quality of the product and have a consistent supply of materials. As the technology and availability of materials has developed and improved over the years we have finally been able to find a certified home compostable solution which we’re now starting to use.

Why home compostable specifically? Does it cost more?

As with all our products we felt that it is our responsibility as suppliers of a product that has traditionally been packaged in an unsustainable packaging to provide a sustainable option where possible. All our coffee is either certified Organic, Fair Trade or Rainforest Alliance and we can now extend those values to our packaging.

The materials to manufacture these bags are more than double the cost of conventional laminate bags. We haven’t increased the price of our coffee to consumers who receive a compostable packaging as we feel it is something we should be doing.

You’re a smaller player in the big scheme of coffee. Why did you persevere with this?

As a small company we may not have a huge impact on global packaging waste but now that the option is available, ‘why wouldn’t we’ lead the way and provide compostable packaging where we can and do our bit.

Tell us about the compostable bag itself?

The bag is made by combining a layer of kraft paper with a layer of PLA “plastic”.

Both layers bioplastic which is derived from renewable plant resources which is what makes the bag compostable. This also includes the valve, inks and adhesives.

The bag is TUV certified, what does that mean?

Technischer Überwachungsverein translated to “Technical Inspection Association”

TUV is a worldwide company, originating in Austria some 140 years ago.
TÜV AUSTRIA’s OK environment product verification marks are the only ones of their kind to offer a customized certification label for each biodegradation environment.

How does the product taste packaged in this type of bag?

The compostable packaging has no impact on product flavour whatsoever so you can be assured that your coffee will taste as good as ever. That was also one of our major requirements that it could not compromise the quality of product either.

We notice that you have only produced your Shade Grown Rainforest Alliance Blend, why is this and will you do the whole Bun range in these type of bags?

It was a natural choice to start with one of our best selling coffees that is all about protecting the rainforest, so a perfect partner for our new sustainable packaging.

We have our 100% Organic Blend bags in production right now, and we will be completing our entire retail range so watch this space!

Tell us about your new Compostable Coffee Pods?

As roasters, our customers know us for consistent, quality and freshness so to be able to extend this to the convenience of the Nespresso pod machine market with the huge benefits of compostable packaging has opened up a whole new opportunity for consumers who want the convenience of a pod machine but baulk at the environmental issue associated with traditional pods.

The Bun Coffee pods are available in the 100% Organic, Organic Strong Espresso Blend, Australian Grown and 100% Organic Naturally Decaffeinated Coffee.

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