Coffee Roasters in Australia

Exquisite Coffee Roasters in Australia


Coffee is made to be enjoyed everywhere and anywhere. There are so many beautiful coffees from around the world to be enjoyed, its exciting to travel the world through your coffee.

Undoubtedly, one of the major factors in how much a coffee is enjoyed is the skill shown through the roasting process.

Sensory roasting involves bringing all the variables of the roasting process together with the sensory skills of the experienced roaster to bring out he perfect ‘sweet spot’ in our single origin coffees. At this point our specialty coffee roasters in Australia then quickly reduce the temperature, to stop the roast.

Australian coffee roasters love their craft, and Bun Coffee is no different. We’ve spent years perfecting the art of sensory coffee roasting. We hope to convey that passion through our products by showing them the care and respect they deserve.


Bun Coffee Isn’t Like Other Specialty Coffee Roasters In Australia


Bun Coffee started with admiration for the farmers who tend their crops and produce these delicious beans. We like to honour their hard work by ensuring that we source only from sustainable and ethical sources, preferring Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance wherever possible.

As specialty coffee roasters in Australia, we feel it’s our responsibility to take great care with the beans throughout the whole process from crop to cup, to ensure the best cup of coffee possible, we don’t pre-roast any of our coffees.

Nothing beats a fresh cup of coffee. And by using freshly ground beans, the flavour is so much more than with old pre-ground beans. Coffee loses its intensity and can take on an unpalatable bitterness as it gets older. Which is why we roast our coffee beans within 24 hours of delivering our coffee beans.


Australian Coffee Roasters With Style


Coffee is an amazing addition to daily life. But we consider it far more than that. It’s an art form – and one we are delighted to participate in.

Our ethos is strongly centred around sustainability and ethical sources of coffee. But it’s more than just where the coffee comes from. It’s also making sure our packaging is recyclable and compostable where possible. Coffee packaging continues to present challenges on this front but we are invested in finding a suitable method for protecting both the coffee within and the environment.

Australian coffee roasters have an opportunity to make a difference to the world, by paying a fair price to farmers. Australians drink an enormous volume of coffee and appreciate the finer coffees of the world. We want to help change continue in the right direction by making the right and ethical choices for our products.

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