Sourcing Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Ever wondered about the process of getting coffee and how long it takes to get to us?

* Coffee has been cultivated in the Blue Mountains area of Jamaica for over 250 years.

* 80– 90% of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is exported to Japan hence why so hard to source.

* Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is a limited harvest crop.  To be able to be sold under the exclusive Blue Mountain label it has to be approved by the Jamaican Coffee Board now the Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority (JACRA).

* Coffee cannot be purchased directly from the grower but instead via JACRA.

* After liaising with our grower, they then submit the beans to JACRA for cupping and ultimately (hopefully) approval.

* Only beans that are acceptable to be labelled under the Jamaican Blue Mountain label will be approved.

* Once approved the shipment is arranged directly by JACRA and every shipment comes with a certificate of authenticity.

* The whole process took approximately 12 weeks from talking with Wallenford Estate to finally receiving the coffee at our Roastery Door.

* All Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee has to be shipped in the wooden barrels – the only coffee in the world to do so.

* This coffee is exceptional. Very rich, almost creamy, with a complex taste characterized by chocolate highlights.

Master roaster David holding a barrel of Jamaica Blue Mountain