Gold Plated Brew Guide - Bun Coffee
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Gold Plated Brew Guide

Coffee for one!  The Gold Filter is the environmentally friendly alternative to the coffee capsule/pod and paper filters, the ultimate in waste free coffee.

Recommended Dose

18g of plunger grind coffee (medium plunger grind).
3 – 4 mintues brewing time.

Equipment Needed
  • Gold filter
  • 240ml water (boils and allow to cool a little)
  • Milk of choice (optional)
  • Sit filter over cup
  • Add coffee
  • Put water regulator inside the gold plated filter, fill with the hot water.  Cover with lid.
  • When the water is drained, the brewing is finished – approx 2.5 – 3mins.
  • Remove the filter and use the lid as a drip catcher underneath it.
  • Usually enjoyed black but feel free to add the milk of your choice!
  • Recycle/compost your coffee grinds responsibly


Enjoy your delicious brew!

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