Espresso Tonic Recipe | Bun Coffee

Bored of your normal morning coffee? Time to shake up your coffee consumption habits and dive into the refreshing world of espresso tonics. 

Cool and energising with a zesty tang, this espresso tonic recipe will tickle your taste buds and can either be enjoyed in the morning, or turned into an afternoon or evening treat.

Our espresso tonic recipe is ridiculously delicious, fast and oh so easy. Ready in just five minutes, with barely any more prep than your normal coffee routine, what more could you ask for?

Is an espresso tonic any good?

We’re obviously biased, but in a word – YES. An espresso tonic is a great way to deliver that much-needed caffeine hit, cold and carbonated. With espresso as the star of the drink, bask in the blend’s rich flavour, but also get the hint of the tonic water, creating a harmonious balance of bitterness and acidity. 

Not only is an espresso tonic so good that every mouthful is better than the last, but it’s also great when it comes to prep and clean-up.

With only a few simple and easy ingredients to source, making an espresso tonic is a breeze. Most ingredients you may already have at home – and if not, most supermarkets will easily have what you’re looking for.

Prep for this drink is a fast five minutes. As long as you have ensured the ice has frozen overnight, the longest part of the drink is making the espresso and allowing it to cool down. 

After easy sourcing of ingredients, and quick prep time, comes a fast clean-up. Barely any items are used, so it’s minimal dishes for this drink, which is something everyone wants to hear. Only one drinking glass is needed to make the beverage. A coffee machine to make your espresso is advantageous as making the espresso by hand is a brave feat. You will also need a measuring glass, a teaspoon, and a knife.

Ingredients you will need

So, what do you need to make an espresso tonic? Now is the time to round up all the yummy ingredients to make the most delicious espresso tonic you’ve ever had!

Main Ingredients:

  • Espresso:
    The name of the drink gives the key ingredient away. Using the right beans and espresso method is so important when it comes to this tonic, as it is the main ingredient of the drink. If you don’t have a coffee of preference or you’re looking to test something new, try our strong espresso blend coffee at Bun Coffee, it’s beautifully balanced with a dark chocolate finish that dances on your tongue.

    If you’re not a fan of espresso – there are other substitutes you can use, such as using a cold brew concentrate.
  • Tonic water:
    Tonic water, most commonly used in cocktails, is actually a great refreshing option to be paired with espresso.
    Use the tonic water you like the most, but if you don’t have a preference you can look to brands such as Schweppes and Fever Tree that stock the most popular tonic water. 
  • Ice:
    Have your ice, your way. You can use ice that is cubed, chunky, small, big, crushed, or even frozen into decorative little ice shapes (thanks, IKEA!). Just make sure you have enough ice to fill a tall glass.
  • Lime:
    You can’t go for the bottled lime juice with this one, a real lime that you can slice is needed for this drink; it’s important to get that fresh zesty lime taste and pretty garnish. One real lime will also make multiple espresso tonics.

Optional Ingredients:

  • Simple syrup:
    If you are craving a bit of extra sweetness, simple syrup is a great way to achieve just that. Plain simple syrup will do the job if you don’t want to alter the flavours. Otherwise, you can try something more adventurous and use a flavoured one, such as lavender simple syrup. Lavender is a good choice if you want to try a flavoured simple syrup as it pairs well with the deep notes of espresso.
  • Fruit:
    Fresh fruit really does elevate any drink. A refreshing snack that bobs in your drink, fresh fruit such as grapefruit, blueberries and black currents go great with espresso.
  • Alcohol:
    Need more than the coffee for a pick me up? If it’s time for cocktail hour just add a splash of your favourite vodka, turning this drink into a cocktail that rivals an espresso martini.


  • Espresso: 2 shots – 30ml each
  • Tonic Water: 118ml 
  • Lime: One small squeeze of lime, and a slice of lime to garnish
  • Ice: Tall glass full of ice

Additional add ins:

  • Simple syrup: 2 teaspoons
  • Fresh fruit of your choice: A handful
  • Alcohol of your choice: 30 ml

How to make an espresso tonic 

Step 1:

Make your espresso but don’t let yourself be tempted to drink it. Pop it aside and let it cool whilst you construct the rest of your drink.

Step 2:

Get out your favourite tall glass and fill it to the top with ice. Your ice can be cubed or crushed, it makes no difference, whatever you prefer. 

Step 3:

Pour the tonic gently over the ice, careful not to let it fizz up over your glass.

Step 4:

With the espresso now cooled, pour it into the glass and watch the drink turn that delightful caramel coffee colour. 

Step 5:

If you want to add any of the additional extras, now is the time.

  • Add in the simple syrup to sweeten the mix.
  • Pop in the alcohol if you want more of a kick.
  • Cut up some fresh fruit, to brighten the drink.

You can add anyone, two or even all of the extra optional ingredients if you want.

Step 6:

Grab your lime and cut two slices. One to squeeze the juices into the drink and the other for the garnish. To top off the drink, hang the garnish on the side of the glass for that little extra pizazz.

Step 7:

Give your drink a little stir to mix all those yummy ingredients together, then sit back and enjoy!