Compostable Packaging for Christmas Blend

In our ongoing quest for better packaging solutions our Christmas Blend is now packaged in home compostable bags.

What does this mean for you? 
Once you’ve enjoyed your delicious blend you can put the packaging in your home compost.  Simply remove the little sticker (as marked) and rest easy throwing the bag into your compost bin. Another simple way to  also do your bit for the planet.

Why the change?
If you’ve been following our packaging journey (and what a journey it’s been!!) you will know that we have spent the past 3 years working on better packaging solutions.

The challenge?
Being able to protect the quality and freshness of our coffee while also trying to be sustainable.  Coffee freshness is affected by heat, mositure and light.    

What have we done so far?
We have trialed, printed and produced 3 different home compostable bags (all TUV certified) over the years.  However, you never really know how it will ultimately perform until it’s in full production and circulation with large volumes being shipped around the country.  That was when we really understood the challenges at hand.

Current Solution?
So while we continue to work on a better solution for our larger volume coffee runs, for our Limited Edition and more exclusive Single Origin Coffees, a compostable bag  like this (produced in smaller volumes) could be the solution.