Do you know your coffee makers? Other than your favourite barista that you have your regular banter with! For those times where you need to make your favourite coffee at home or on holidays, there are plenty of quality portable options which will keep you in the coffee standards you’re accustomed to.


With ease and simplicity at the heart of the Aeropress, this extremely functional coffee maker brews excellent coffee. Lightweight and easy to clean it makes it the perfect coffee make for travelling and outdoor activities – at Bun we never go camping without it.

A total immersion brewing process results in uniform extraction for the ultimate in full coffee flavour. The entire process takes about 2 minutes from start to enjoy. The actual press time only takes 20seconds. This press is unique as it’s micro-filtered, so the coffee produced is smooth, rich and grit free unlike other press-type coffee makers.

Recommended to use with grind coffee. One of the easiest, fastest, foolproof way to get delicious barista style coffee wherever you are.


Be your own barista with a Nanopresso, a pocket sized yet powerful portable espresso machine which is everything you need to create a rich, balanced espresso wherever you are. A simple hand pumping process creates up to 18 bars of pressure (rivaling top level commercial machines) forcing hot water through the coffee grinds to create smooth rich cream with every shot.

A built-in espresso cup and lightweight moulded case, makes the Nanopresso an amazingly versatile hand-powered solution to create a barista worthy espresso. From an eco standpoint, you only need to provide boiling water and the rest of your coffee creation with this little powerhouse is done by hand.

We recommend our commercial ground coffee.

Bialetti Stovetop

For the traditionalists that love the sound of the coffee brewing on the stove you can’t go past the Stovetop Espresso Maker. One of our favourites is the Bialetti range which produces a rich, authentic espresso in minutes. Made in Italy, the sturdy coffee maker diffuses heat perfectly on the stovetop enhancing the aroma of your coffee.   Simply fill the base of the coffee maker with water, pouring the coffee grounds into the filter and gently heating it on the stovetop resulting in delicious coffee.

Stable to use on gas, electric and ceramic cooktops featuring ergonomic heat resistant handles. Available in Stainless Steel or Aluminium and good looking enough to leave out on your kitchen bench if need be!

Bodum Plunger

A traditional French Press. A simple, cost effective and timeless coffee maker to enjoy the traditional way to press and plunge an espresso. Featuring elegant handles to hold the glass, smooth plunger and easy to pour spout. Choose from a 2 cup through to a  12 cup to share with friends, work colleagues or just enough for one! We recommend Bodum Coffee Plunger for quality and style.