Cleanliness is next to godliness… and in this case better tasting coffee. The resins from coffee oils can accumulate on the equipment and if not cleaned properly and daily can continue to build up and ultimately alter the taste of the coffee resulting in an old, grimy, bitter taste (especially in the case of espressos).

Tests done on cleaning a 3 group machine where the 1st group handle was cleaned every day, the 2nd group handle cleaned fortnightly, the 3rd group handle cleaned monthly demonstrated that the taste of the coffee coming out of the first group was by far the best tasting coffee. A clean machine also extends the life of your equipment and reducing downtime in terms of maintenance issues. 80% of our machine callouts could have been avoided if the machine was well maintained and cleaned daily.

Build this process into your daily routine for better tasting coffee and plenty of repeat customers.  Give us a call or get in touch with any questions regarding cleaning your machine.










We recommend EVO Cleaning Powder, a certified organic cleaning powder.   Coffee machine + EVO = Better Tasting Coffee