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Top Christmas Gifts for Coffee Lovers 2023

The holidays are almost upon us, and it’s never too early to start shopping for presents. If you’re looking for a simple but delicious and thoughtful gift for the people in your life who love nothing more than a good cup of coffee, you’ve found the right place. Bun Coffee has a range of perfect Christmas presents for coffee lovers, and here are some of our suggestions. Read More

Australian Christmas Gift Bundle

This is a bundle that’s sure to be perfect for anyone! It includes a 250g bag of our Australian Byron Blue and our new favourite Byron Red coffee. The Byron Blue Estate is clean and very smooth with a marshmallow sweetness and rich dark chocolate and floral finish. Grown in the Byron Bay hinterland in the rich, volcanic soil that the area is renowned for. Over 45,000 coffee trees grow on 165 acres that receives over 2000mm of annual rainfall. While the Byron Red is rich and smooth with a deliciously earthy body and notes of sweet red fruits. This is one of the best Australian coffees we have to offer!

Both coffees beans come from plantations in Byron Bay. The altitude and the climate in the area are very similar to that of Hawaii, which creates optimal growing conditions for coffee.

Organic Christmas Gift Bundle


Christmas Coffee Blend

If you want to go simple, you don’t need to buy one of our bundles. The Merry Christmas Blend makes a great gift on its own. Created for the holiday season, this coffee tastes of dried fruit and vanilla and is smooth and bright. It’s also certified organic and Fairtrade. We call it Christmas in a cup because that’s what it tastes like. Give it to someone who wants to feel festive any time of year or serve it alongside Christmas dinner.

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