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Yemen Coffee – Mocha Matari


The true “mocha” coffee from Yemen

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Yemen Coffee

Yemen is home to genuine Mocha coffee. The name coming from the port of Al-Makha which during the 17th century was the foremost coffee export port in the world! Yemen Mocha is one of the worlds most unique coffees. Organically grown on rich fertile rain-fed terraces reaching up to 2500 metres in the western Yemeni mountains.

The full, luscious, “winey” body, spice, and chocolate undertones are what set this Yemen Matari apart.
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Yemen Coffee is making a comeback: this is why

Yemen is widely believed to be the home of the Arabica coffee bean. Yemen coffee beans is highly sought after in the Middle East. This is the bean that goes into turkish coffee – wherever it is made.

Yemen Coffee Beans are grown without the help of chemicals or fertilisers

In a world where fertilisers are used as commonly as mobile phones, it is refreshing to note that Yemeni coffee does not contain them at all.

Yemen is not a very developed nation. It’s isolated status, high mountains and use of farming practices that go back centuries have given Yemeni coffee a unique flavour other coffees simply lack.

Yemen green coffee was discovered quite accidentally by Sufi monks. They found that by roasting these strange beans, they could prolong their working hours.

Yemen Coffee has seen a resurgence in global demand in recent times, similar to Australian grown coffee. The reason being -its ancient cultivation practices and its non-use of chemicals or fertilisers.

Yemen coffee uses the Haraaz bean – one of the most highly sought after in the world

The Haraaz coffee bean, native to Yemen, is cultivated at an altitude of 8000 feet above sea level. The taste of the mountains brings unique new flavours into the homes of coffee lovers the world over.

The taste of the Haraaz bean has been described as “bright” and this could be the reason why Arabic scholarshave used it for more than 500 years to gain enlightenment.

Buy Yemen Mocha Green Coffee Beans from Bun Coffee

It is not unusual for Yemeni’s to spice up their coffee with Cardamom, Cinnamon and other spices that the region itself grows.

These spices make the coffee more flavoursome, adding to its appeal the world over.

A complex coffee you’ll love

Yemen coffee is grown at altitudes of 8000 feet above sea level.

There isn’t much oxygen in the air at these levels. This increases the concentration of sugar in the beans making for a truly delightful set of flavours you can enjoy!

In the mountains, there is no technology or water. Yemenis have had to rely on natural methods to collect the beans and to extract coffee from them.

All Yemeni coffee followa natural drying process in the hot desert sun, which makes for a cup of coffee that is really quite flavoursome, strong and unique in taste!

It is a privilege to be able to buy a bag of Yemen green coffee beans

Yemen has been a country facing civil war for decades. This makes it very difficult to get a bag of coffee beans out of the country.

Luckily, Bun Coffee has managed to import several sacks of Haraaz Mountain Coffee from Yemen which you can buy online – right off this page!

Bun Coffee is the leading roaster of speciality coffee from across the world

We stock single origin coffee beans from over 40 countries which include Yemen, Ethiopia, Jamaica, Kenya, Nepal (Mount Everest region), Cuba, Bolivia and Mexico.

We take our coffee as seriously as we take our sport.

A 100% Australian owned and operated company, we take pride in our beans making sure each one gets to you – perfectly roasted!

To enquire about our coffee, please call us now on +61 2 6680 9798 or email

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