Yemen Coffee Beans, Genuine "Mocha" from Al Mokha | Bun Coffee
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Yemen Coffee – Mocha Haraz PB


The true “mocha” coffee from Yemen

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Yemen Mocha Haraz Peaberry 111

Region: Haraz

Altitude: 1900-2450 MASL

Varietal: Ja’adi Pea Berry

Process: Natural


This coffee comes from one of the best-producing regions in Yemen, called Haraz. This region consists of a range of mountains that altitude from 1800 to 2450 MASL and the beauty of this place is the fantastic mild and cool climate it has, in addition to the natural fresh mountain spring water and rainfall that is used to irrigate the crops.
Since the 14th century, a small community not exceeding 15,000(Current figure) people used to live on the eastern part of these high mountains. Ancestors were all farmers owning fruit and coffee farms and used to export crops out of the port of Mokha on the Red Sea.

This coffee is brought to us by a man who lived and grew seeing this whole revolution and transition taking place in his country. In 2015 when the first missile that started the horrible war in Yemen was fired at a location opposite his house in the capital city Sanaa, he decided to flee the country with his family looking for new future elsewhere. He left everything behind him but carried one thing that he always believed will be his connection with his country and region, and that was his bag of Haraz coffee beans. After arriving in Canada in 2018, Hudaifa Tayeb launched a company with the concept of Human to Human interaction and connected with his fellow farmers, family, friends and business partners in Yemen to start operations of coffee production, export from Yemen. The sole visions and aim behind this concept are supporting the farmers and bringing back glory to this hidden and forgotten gold of Yemen.

Yemen often doesn’t come to mind while thinking about coffee, but coffee is deeply connected to countries history and most of the worlds coffee culture goes back to this small country in the Middle East(Yemen). Coffees birthplace is Ethiopia, but the coffee drink as a beverage originated in Yemen. It is said that the bean was first consumed as a beverage in Yemen in 1450 by the country’s mystical Sufi monk population who used the drink the beverage to help them stay awake during all-night meditations. This discovery marked the beginning of the world’s coffee drinking culture as we know it today.

As coffee made its way to the international market Yemen prospered during the early 1700s, almost the entire country’s income came from coffee exports, and the whole world’s coffee supply came from Yemen. As a result of this boom, much of Yemen’s farming population moved to grow coffee in the 17th and 18th centuries. Today, it is not uncommon to come across Yemeni farmers who have been working in coffee cultivation for multiple generations going back 400-500 years.


Size -527,968 sq km

Capital City – Sanaa

Main Port Cities – Aden- Hodeidah

Population – 27,392,779 (estimated July 2016)

Language/s Spoken – Arabic (official)


Population Involved in Coffee – approx. 600,000 Average Farm Size – 0.25–1 hectare

Bags Exported Annually – 300,000 bags





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