Yemen Coffee Beans, Genuine "Mocha" from Al Mokha | Bun Coffee
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Yemen Haraz Red Microlot 552


This rare and limited harvest Yemen micro-lot is exclusive to Bun Coffee.


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Yemen Haraz 552 Microlot

Region: Haraz

Farm: Bani Arqan

Grower: Burhan Al Gyari

Altitude: 2249 MASL

Varietal: Ja’adi

Process: Natural

Tasting Notes: Red Fruits and stone fruits, rosewater, bright acidity & a refreshing, velvet texture

Cupping Score: 89

About this coffee

Burhan Al Gyari is said to be a passionate and wise man, known for his hard work and dedication to his family and his craft. This farm, Bani Arqan, is located at an altitude of 2249 MASL and has no access to water. Due to the nature of the terrain and the poor condition of the roads, it is impossible to bring in water by truck. The only method of getting water is to physically carry it or use donkeys. Burhan had the dream of having his own water and irrigation system and has worked tirelessly to sell his coffee and invest his first crops into the construction of a dam.

He was told it was impossible in the rock hard mountains, but this year he has successfully built the dam (see photos) that will irrigate the future of his coffee.

He has just 1100 trees.

All coffee trees are organic, though not certified, and are harvested fully by hand when the fruits are mature and have reached the Haraz Red colour. This slow growth ensures dynamic flavour profiles that range in complexities thanks to old-growth plantations dating back many hundreds of years ago..

Everything is dried as a natural on mats made of palm trees on raised beds and carefully turned by hand so that the surface of the shell receives equal amount of sunlight until the internal moisture reaches 11-13%. The drying time is between 14 – 17 days



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