Yemen Coffee Beans, Genuine "Mocha" from Al Mokha | Bun Coffee
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Yemen Haraz Microlot 553


This rare Yemen micro-lot is exclusive to Bun Coffee.


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Yemen Haraz 553 Microlot

Region: Haraz

Farmer: Jalal

Farm: Garmah

Altitude: 2184 MASL

Varietal: Jaadi

Process: Natural

Tasting Notes: Red Fruits, Dark Berries, Very Purple, Floral Honey, Syrupy texture

Cupping Score: 89.5


One tree after the other, this farm has become coffee heaven in eastern Haraz.  6150 coffee trees developed in the past few years, this farm stands out to be one of the best farms in the region. Jalal, inherited this land from his ancestors, and he has worked on it tirelessly and invested in the infrastructure by selling crops year after the other. This farm is not only an income to his family, but it stands out to be the method of income for 10 Families. Most of the men who work here were once high consumers of Khat that destroyed their financial ability and created chaos in their personal, social and family life. Today, their daily routine is well organized and they enjoy and maintain a healthy and organized life full of happiness. They start early in the morning and finish by sunset to go back to their families and kids, and live a happy life.

All coffee trees are organic, though not certified, and are harvested fully by hand when the fruits are mature and have reached the Haraz Red colour. This slow growth ensures dynamic flavour profiles that range in complexities thanks to old-growth plantations dating back many hundreds of years ago..

Everything is dried as a natural on mats made of palm trees on raised beds and carefully turned by hand so that the surface of the shell receives an equal amount of sunlight until the internal moisture reaches 11-13%. The drying time is between 14 – 17 days

Yemen doesn’t come to mind while thinking about coffee, but coffee is deeply connected to countries history and most of the worlds coffee culture goes back to this small country in the Middle East(Yemen). Coffees birthplace is Ethiopia, but the coffee drink as a beverage originated in Yemen. It is said that the bean was first consumed as a beverage in Yemen in 1450 by the country’s mystical Sufi monk population who used the drink the beverage to help them stay awake during all-night meditations. This discovery marked the beginning of the world’s coffee drinking culture as we know it today.

As coffee made its way to the international market Yemen prospered during the early 1700s, almost the entire country’s income came from coffee exports, and the whole world’s coffee supply came from Yemen. As a result of this boom, much of Yemen’s farming population moved to grow coffee in the 17th and 18th centuries. Today, it is not uncommon to come across Yemeni farmers who have been working in coffee cultivation for multiple generations going back 400-500 years.


Size -527,968 sq km

Capital City – Sanaa

Main Port Cities – Aden- Hodeidah

Population – 27,392,779 (estimated July 2016)

Language/s Spoken – Arabic (official)


Population Involved in Coffee – approx. 600,000 Average Farm Size – 0.25–1 hectare

Bags Exported Annually – 300,000 bags


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