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Grindenstein Knockbox


Small and elegant addition to your kitchen bench.

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Grindenstein Knockbox

Your Grindenstein was designed to be easily cleaned. Once emptied, simply place your Grindenstein on the top rack of your dishwasher.

Specifically designed to fit and be stored under the group head of your espresso machine, your Grindenstein will help to reduce clutter on your kitchen bench top.

Grindenstein’s solid steel dump bar is enclosed in a Santoprene rubber sleeve, which absorbs the striking force, protects your group handle, and makes your Grindenstein extremely durable and impossible to break.

Every Grindenstein includes an information booklet with great ideas on how to recycle the collected coffee grinds as a fantastic natural fertilizer for your garden or houseplants.

Whilst being big enough to not have to be emptied regularly, Grindenstein is small enough to fit your hand, making it incredibly easy to use.

Work in the kitchen or cafe can be very messy, but with a non-slip Santoprene rubber base, using your Grindenstein is safe in any condition.

Engineered for daily use, with no sharp edges. It’s aesthetically appealing form follows its function. Grindenstein was ergonomically designed for repeated use today, tomorrow and for years to come.

Measures 11cm x 10cm

Additional Information
Weight 303 g
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 11 cm
Select Colour

Black, Red, Grey

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