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Peru Project 121 Microlot


A sweet, balanced cup with notes of apricot and honey. A citrus acidity and smooth, creamy body and chocolate finish.

We are the only suppliers in Australia.



Project 121 Micro-Lot

Grown by Agusto Vazquez Llamo
Fair Trade, Organic & Rain Forest Alliance Certified

A sweet, balanced cup with notes of apricot and honey. A citrus acidity and smooth, creamy body and chocolate finish.

Peru Project 121

A collaboration between Roaster, Importer, and Grower

Puru Project 121 has been established as a new way for roasters to build direct partnerships with producers, providing the opportunity to develop lasting, secure partnerships with farmers at origin.
As well as benefiting from Fair Trade premiums, Project 121 pays a cash premium for the selected crop which is given directly to the grower with no conditions whatsoever.


Each season one of our brokers, Bennetts in Melbourne, select a limited number of single-farmer micro lots for the program on the basis of the quality and sustainability of the product. Through Bennetts, we have facilitated a connection with one of three chosen growers to become the sole Australian purveyor of the farmer’s crop.


Bun Coffee has joined Project 121 and has secured the following crop:-
Peru SHB (Strictly Hard Bean) Fair Trade, Organic & Rain Forest Alliance Certified

Augusto Vazquez Llamo Microlot
Augusto Vasquez Llamo is the owner of Santa Maria farm, located in the Jaen county of Cajamarca, Peru. He has grown his coffee here for 17 years. It covers 4 hectares and sits at an incredible altitude of 2050 MASL. He has been a member of the local Sol y Café Cooperative for 10 years now, and this season, his coffee was selected by the cooperative as one of the best in the region.


Santa Maria farm is located in the Jaen county of Cajamarca. The farm is owned and managed by Augusto Vasquez Llamo. Augusto has been a member of Sol y Café Cooperative since March 2007. This micro-lot has been especially selected as part of the Project 121 initiative with Sol y Café Co-op.


This coffee was harvested between August and September when the cherries were at their optimum
level of maturation and sweetness. The cherries were then processed at the farm using a traditional method of fermentation tanks and eco pulpers. Typically the cherries are picked in the morning and processed (de-pulped and washed) the same day, usually in the late afternoon. This is to avoid any deterioration in quality. The beans are washed in fermentation tanks for between 32 to 36 hours
dependent on weather conditions, as the farm is situated at a very high altitude. The wet parchment is dried on trays for at least 7 days until the right moisture is achieved, and sometimes the final stages of drying take place on patios at the Sol y Café processing centre in Jaen if weather conditions are not favourable.


Dried parchment is then transported to the Sol & Cafe collection point in the city of Jaen.
In Jaen, classification and sorting is done according to the quality of the parchment delivered. Sol y Cafe offers a reward system for producers who consistently deliver high-quality parchment, and this lot has been produced under that reward scheme. Sol y Cafe will take care of the final stages of milling, grading and packing in Piura, before the coffee is fully approved for export. Augusto has been
producing coffee at Santa Maria farm since 2000. He has other coffee farms that have been producing coffee for many more years, which have recently been pruned. He is hoping that these farms will re-commence production next season. This season, his coffee was selected by the cooperative as one of the best in the region.

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