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JoGo™ – The Coffee Brewing Straw


A highly portable, multipurpose,  and 100% sustainable new way to brew and enjoy your coffee and loose-leaf tea. Food grade stainless steel with BPA free silicone tip.

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Meet JoGo!

A highly portable, multipurpose,  and 100% sustainable new way to brew and enjoy your coffee and loose-leaf tea. Food grade stainless steel with BPA free silicone tip.

Simply drop in a scoop of your favourite ground coffee, add hot water, pop in your JoGo, and enjoy! No more machines, waste, or hassle.

Comes with a carrying pouch and a JoGo cleaning brush!


Highly Portable – Roughly the size of a pencil, JoGo can easily slip into any pocket

Robust Flavor– Brews delicious and robust French press style coffee with the ease of instant

Zero Waste – Simplifies the brewing process and avoids unnecessary waste

Multipurpose – Can also be used to filter other beverages such as loose-leaf tea and muddled cocktails, or remove the filter and use it as a regular reusable straw

Teeth Friendly – Drinking coffee through a straw helps bypass your teeth and reduce unwanted stains

Heat Regulated Tip – BPA free silicone tip provides comfort and temperature diffusion to make every sip enjoyable

Durable – Built to last with food-grade stainless steel

Ergonomically Designed – Designed for comfortable sipping from a natural position

Dishwasher Safe

US FDA Approved


For each cup add 1 rounded tbsp of medium to coarse ground coffee, pour hot (not boiling) water into your mug and stir with your JoGo. Let brew for p to 4 minutes depending on the strength required. Add milk and/or sweetener if you’d like and enjoy!

Cold Brew Instructions:

1. Add 2-3 tbsp of coarsely ground coffee into a cup with 12 oz of room temperature water.

2. Let sit in a refrigerator for 24 hours.

3. Pop in your JoGo and enjoy! No stirring is needed.



Simply unscrew the filter, rinse with soap and water, and scrub with your JoGo Brush. JoGo is also dishwasher safe!



Dimension: 12mm x 12mm x26mm  Weight: 56g

Material: Food-grade stainless steel and BPA-free silicone.

Compatibility: Medium to coarse ground coffee, loose leaf tea, and muddled cocktails.


The Jogo Story

Inspired by History

The inspiration for the JoGo originated when co-founder Joey Jones was on a 28,000-mile solo motorcycle expedition from Minnesota to Argentina in 2016. While in Argentina, a family gave him a “bombilla”– a straw with a filter on the bottom that is designed for drinking the popular loose leaf Yerba Mate tea.

The first bombillas were first created by the Guaraní people and took the form of a simple and straight tube constructed out of the Taquara plant. In the 17th and 18th centuries, craftsmen developed the first metal bombillas, using alpaca and brass. They would eventually be adopted by the legendary Argentinian Gauchos and are widely used in many regions of South America today, as well as parts of Europe, Asia, and more recently the United States.

For Joey’s next adventure after he returned from his motorcycle trip, he teamed up with Nick Yehle to lead a canoe trip in the Canadian wilderness. One morning at breakfast they had an idea – could they use the sustainable brewing method of the bombilla, and apply it to the often wasteful world of coffee? They discovered, however, that while the traditional bombilla’s filter worked with Yerba Mate, it wasn’t fine enough to filter the finer ground coffee and would even get clogged. Nonetheless, they were stoked at the prospect of innovation on the horizon.

After their trip, the two went to work. After countless trials and rigorous testing of various prototypes (in which they experienced dangerously high levels of caffeine), they finally attained a design that filtered out the grounds, didn’t get clogged, was easy to clean, and looked pretty dang cool to boot! They named their little 2 oz stainless steel baby “JoGo” and launched on Kickstarter in April, 2021. During their 30 day campaign, JoGo raised nearly $400,000 in pre-order sales from coffee lovers around the world, making it the third most backed coffee-Kickstarter of all time. They are excited to share this convenient, flavorful, and sustainable new way to enjoy coffee with the world!

Believe in Your Brew

Every year we will contribute 5% of our profits to Survival International, a nonprofit organization that works “in partnership with Indigenous and tribal communities to help them defend their lives, protect their lands, and determine their own futures.” We do this because the destruction of First Nation land and critical habitat is a global problem that requires collective action. Conservation needs to be decolonized, and by managing and understanding their environment better than anyone else, indigenous people have proven to be the best conservationists. As the JoGo was inspired by the Yerba Mate straws created by the Guaraní tribe, a partner of Survival International, we believe it is our duty, and privilege, to give back to this nation.

Our annual contribution will be in the form of unrestricted funds so that Survival International, and their tribal partners, can allocate resources in response to real-time needs. As we are located in Minnesota, we are not equipped to understand or address the complex social, political, and environmental issues in these regions. And we believe that the people who can best resolve them are the ones who are being the most affected by them.

To find out more information about Survival International, visit their website:

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