Colombia - Finca Mocoa Honey - Bun Coffee
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Colombia – Finca Mocoa Honey


A rare micro-lot – pretty elderflower and jasmine florals. Tropical acidity, with pineapple, kiwi and starfruit balanced by milk chocolate and black tea.

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Colombia – Finca Mocoa Honey Microlot

Pretty elderflower and jasmine florals. Tropical acidity, with pineapple, kiwi and starfruit balanced by milk chocolate and black tea.

  • REGION: Nariño
  • MUNICIPALITY: Tablón de Gomez
  • TOWN: Aponte
  • ELEVATION: 2,100m above sea level
  • VARIETY: Caturra, Colombia
  • FARMERS: Eduardo Chasoy and family
  • AVERAGE FARM SIZE: 1 hectare

This coffee was produced by Eduardo Chasoy, along with his wife and their son – independent farmers who grow and produce coffee on their 1-hectare farm, Finca Mocoa. The farm is located in the town of Aponte, in north-western Nariño, Colombia. A quiet and reserved man, Eduardo is generous with his time and expertise, and proudly showcases his work to friends and neighbours. He has been recognised as a leader in Aponte’s farming community due to his efforts in educating his colleagues on the benefits of growing coffee for the specialty market. Eduardo is also a big proponent of the ‘honey’ processing method and spends much of his time training other farmers on the best practices required to achieve excellent results.


Producers in Aponte like Eduardo have become experts at ‘honey’ processing. For this lot, coffee cherries were carefully hand-picked, with several passes needed to ensure only the ripest ones were chosen. These were then pulped at each farm’s wet mill, or ‘micro-beneficio.’ After pulping, coffee was placed on drying beds without being washed, leaving coffee with a layer of mucilage that resembles a glazing of sticky honey (hence the name ‘honey’ processing). This step ensured fermentation occurred as the coffee dried.

Thanks to Aponte’s cool, windy climate and high elevations, coffee generally dries more quickly and evenly than in lower parts of Colombia. This leads to more consistency in the coffees produced and encourages the development of cleaner, more complex flavours in the cup. To ensure the drying stage occurred uniformly, coffee for this lot was regularly turned by hand until it reached the ideal moisture content.


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