What makes drinking Rainforest Alliance Coffee so good? - Bun Coffee
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What makes drinking Rainforest Alliance Coffee so good?

Bun Coffee have been roasting the internationally recognised trade marked branded coffee since it began over 11 years ago and this is the story as to why. Read more.

Rainforest Alliance Coffee

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Q: So what does Rainforest Alliance actually mean to the person drinking this interesting coffee?

A: When you stop and learn a little about how the founder of Rainforest Alliance Daniel Katz started this revolution some 30 years ago, you can taste and feel the goodness in the coffee you are enjoying. By choosing and drinking this coffee you are supporting farmers who are educated, paid correctly and who are using sustainable farming practices to farm their crops, producing some of the world’s most amazing tasting coffee.

Q: What are some key principals of the Rainforest Alliance Farming practices?

A: The farmers operate an environmental and social management system that conform with their local laws.

They record and put in place ways to reduce energy use and use renewable energy where possible. This also includes protecting waterways and wetlands from erosion and contamination, prohibiting logging and deforestation and maintaining vegetation barriers.

Another key principle is the support of the people working in and managing these farms, they are paid a legal minimum wage and have access to education and healthcare services. The farms also have OH and S programs which are reducing the risks and accidents that can occur.

They are improving the soils for the long term by using organic fertilisers, propagating ground cover vegetation and natural barriers to reduce erosion and runoff of sediments to the rivers, streams and lakes.

Q: When and how did this all begin?

A: This amazing journey started in 1986 when the need respond to a crisis was recognised.

“Every minute, 50 acres (20 ha) of rainforest are destroyed, and two dozen species become extinct every day. Led by founder Daniel Katz, a group of volunteers convenes a major conference on the crisis””and from this event, the Rainforest Alliance is born.” RFA website states.

We need to stop polluting and damaging our most precious rainforests and to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land use practices, business practices and consumer behaviour.

Q:How does the coffee I buy get certified by the Rainforest Alliance?

A: Coffee growers have their operations examined by inspectors. Once operations are approved, the Rainforest Alliance seal can be used on consumer products containing the produce from that farm.

Coffee producers are just one of many groups the Rainforest Alliance certifies. It offers certification of sustainable practices for timber companies, pineapple farmers, ornamental flower growers, and many other kinds of businesses.


So help us at Bun Coffee to make a difference and look out for our top shelf favourite “green packed” Rainforest Alliance blend and our growing range of Rainforest Alliance single origins.