News - Bun Coffee
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  • Certified Organic: What Does It Actually Mean & What To Look For Taste the Difference, Feel the Difference, Make the Difference. Don’t panic, it’s organic! This week (9 – 15 September) is the official celebration of National Organic Week. A week to celebrate all thingsRead More

  • From grower to roaster.  An unrelenting desire to source unique single origin coffee, years of seeking it out and a dawn highway meetup to take delivery, all adds to the intrigue and stories behind the bean.  It’s the origin story of the crop that ownerRead More

  • Fathers’ Day is just around the corner on Sunday 1st September!  It’s a question many families ponder, what to get Dad?  Something that’s practical, useful and won’t collect dust?  At Bun we have the perfect gift created especially for the coffee loving Dad in yourRead More

  • It’s Bun Coffee’s 14th Birthday this month. To celebrate our birthday, we sat down with David and Jenny Kennedy – the founders and owners of the business – to look back on how far they’ve come and what’s next. Q: David, when did you decideRead More

  • The heat is on throughout Australia with very little sign of it easing. Our early morning coffee is sacred but as the day goes on and the temperature rises a hot coffee may not always the cooling drink we’re after, despite caffeine cravings! Cue icedRead More

  • Do you know your coffee makers? Other than your favourite barista that you have your regular banter with! For those times where you need to make your favourite coffee at home or on holidays, there are plenty of quality portable options which will keep youRead More

  • Cleanliness is next to godliness… and in this case better tasting coffee. The resins from coffee oils can accumulate on the equipment and if not cleaned properly and daily can continue to build up and ultimately alter the taste of the coffee resulting in anRead More

  • As awareness of sustainable, low-waste and ethical business practices continues to grow, owner and master roaster David Kennedy of Bun Coffee talks about how he has addressed these issues during his thirteen-year coffee journey in Byron Bay. ‘Specialising in organic, fair-trade and Rainforest Alliance coffeesRead More

  • Master roaster David Kennedy of Bun Coffee has been offering single origin coffee since the late 1980s when it was still relatively unknown. As our love and awareness of coffee as a nation has grown over the years, so too has the understanding and growthRead More