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Latest News

  • This is one of the most frequently asked questions we get. What is the difference between Robusta and Arabica beans? These are the two main types of coffee that we use in our commercial coffee roasting. The majority of blends that we at Bun haveRead More

  • If you love great coffee that is expertly crafted and ethically produced, then Bun Coffee in Byron Bay is the perfect match for you. Best Coffee in Byron Bay We’ve been producing delicious coffee for over fifteen years – and we’re getting better and betterRead More

  • What is a Peaberry coffee bean? The coffee bean is the seed of the tree and grows within the coffee fruit (cherry). Typically there are two seeds within the fruit which grow against each other and produce the typical coffee bean with a ‘flat’ sideRead More

  • Get Your Coffee Refilled at Bun Coffee Bring in your container and get it filled with your choice of grind and blend. How to: Choose your size – 250g, 500g and 1kg Choose your grind type – wholebeans, espresso or filter grind Choose your blendRead More

  • Article by Eve Jeffery in Echo Publications  Image by Tree Faerie The first thing you notice when you walk into Bun Coffee is the most incredible smell. You know what I mean – that undeniable ‘Drink me! Drink me!’ smell that only really good coffeeRead More

  • We get the lowdown from David Kennedy, Bun Coffee Master Roaster.   To the majority of consumers who purchase freshly roasted coffee beans from their preferred roaster, the question of how best to store their beans to maximise freshness and peak flavour can result inRead More

  • Offering great body and acidity with a nice spiciness and floral notes, the Purosa Valley coffee delivers strong hints of cocoa/chocolate and caramel on the finish. For us at Bun it’s as much about the origin story as the taste of the coffee.  This isRead More

  • Our Coffee Bags in Australia In our ongoing environmental commitment Bun Coffee is rolling out 100% compostable (in your home compost) coffee bags for the blends as well as launching the new home compostable Bun Coffee pods (Nespresso compatible). Q & A with Founder andRead More

  • After years of hand roasting quality, speciality coffee for cafes across Australia Bun Coffee is bringing its café coffee to the Nespresso coffee pod market…without the environmental guilt. The pods are 100% compostable (in your home compost) taking just 12 weeks to decompose. Bun isRead More

  • With the gift giving season upon us, the choices of gifts can be overwhelming. Something useful, unique, sustainable, good for the environment, won’t gather dust…the list goes on. Whether it’s a gift for stocking fillers, teacher’s gifts, something special for the coffee lover in yourRead More

  • What is it? Nitro coffee as the name suggests is coffee infused with nitrogen gas. How is it made? Cold brew coffee, known for its smooth low acid properties, is infused with nitrogen and dispensed via a pressurized valve through a disc with tiny holesRead More

  • Certified Organic: What Does It Actually Mean & What To Look For Taste the Difference, Feel the Difference, Make the Difference. Don’t panic, it’s organic! September is a month to celebrate all things organic. “As consumers, you want food you can recognise and trust. BuyingRead More

  • From grower to roaster.  An unrelenting desire to source unique single origin coffee, years of seeking it out and a dawn highway meetup to take delivery, all adds to the intrigue and stories behind the bean.  It’s the origin story of the crop that ownerRead More

  • Fathers’ Day is just around the corner on Sunday 1st September!  It’s a question many families ponder, what to get Dad?  Something that’s practical, useful and won’t collect dust?  At Bun we have the perfect gift created especially for the coffee loving Dad in yourRead More

  • It’s Bun Coffee’s 14th Birthday this month. To celebrate our birthday, we sat down with David and Jenny Kennedy – the founders and owners of the business – to look back on how far they’ve come and what’s next. Q: David, when did you decideRead More

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