News - Bun Coffee
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  • Do you know your coffee makers? Other than your favourite barista that you have your regular banter with! For those times where you need to make your favourite coffee at home or on holidays, there are plenty of quality portable options which will keep youRead More

  • Cleanliness is next to godliness… and in this case better tasting coffee. The resins from coffee oils can accumulate on the equipment and if not cleaned properly and daily can continue to build up and ultimately alter the taste of the coffee resulting in anRead More

  • As awareness of sustainable, low-waste and ethical business practices continues to grow, owner and master roaster David Kennedy of Bun Coffee talks about how he has addressed these issues during his thirteen-year coffee journey in Byron Bay. ‘Specialising in organic, fair-trade and Rainforest Alliance coffeesRead More

  • Master roaster David Kennedy of Bun Coffee has been offering single origin coffee since the late 1980s when it was still relatively unknown. As our love and awareness of coffee as a nation has grown over the years, so too has the understanding and growthRead More

  • Arguably described as the original hipsters, Jean of Dip Café and David of Bun Coffee have a combined 50+ years of café experience between them and have seen first hand the café landscape change considerably over the years. With Dip celebrating 8 years and BunRead More

  • For master roaster David of Bun Coffee, supplying festival goers at the 29th annual Byron Bay Bluesfest with their much needed caffeine hit, is the chance to combine his two passions – music and coffee. But supplying coffee over a music festival the size ofRead More

  • From sticky buns to sniffing beans, David and Jenny Kennedy, (known lovingly throughout the community as Mr and Mrs, Bun), share how a fascination of coffee and love at first sight evolved into a successful business and home in Byron Bay. David reflects on howRead More

  • Nook Espresso is an inspiring example of how to do coffee really well.  This hugely popular gem of an espresso bar right on the beach in Burleigh Heads is the brainchild of Paola Pearse and her business partner Marcus Wilkins. This ‘hole in the wall’Read More

  • A conversation over coffee between friends was the catalyst for an ongoing partnership between Bun Coffee and the not for profit organisation So They Can, empowering communities through education to break the poverty cycle. David and Jenny Kennedy’s good friend and fellow Northern Rivers residentRead More