Espresso Brew Guide - Bun Coffee
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Espresso Brew Guide

Be your own barista and enjoy cafe quality coffee at home with your espresso machine.

Recommended Dose

15g heaped teaspoon of ground coffee.  We recommend an espresso grind (fine grind).

Equipment Needed
  • Bun Coffee beans (for optimum storage tips click here)
  • Scales
  • Coffee grinder
  • Dosing cup
  • Espresso Machine
  • Tare dosing cup on scales
  • Grind coffee into dosing cup
  • Weight 21 grams of ground coffee into dosing cup
  • Dispense coffee from dosing cup into porter filter
  • Tamp coffee into porter filter
  • Run Hot water through espresso machine before putting porter filter into position. Lock the porter filter into position
  • Pour coffee 25ml of espresso into cup for 30 seconds
  • Recycle/compost your coffee grinds responsibly


Enjoy your delicious brew!

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