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Coffee + Planet


Together we can make a difference…


Our Coffee Traceability Committment


  • Organic – Beans are certified by Australian Certified Organic (ACO) As we are certified by ACO as an Organic Processor (#10715) we are required to undergo an annual audit which is carried out by an independent auditor. This ensures that there is traceability from farm to cup for our organic beans.


  • Rainforest Alliance – As a certified Rainforest Alliance (RFA) roaster we purchase certified RFA beans which are again traceable from farm to cup through the RFA interface which links growers to suppliers to roasters.


  • Fair Trade – Bun Coffee is a certified Fair-Trade partner. Our Fair-Trade or FLO ID (21771) ensures that there is full traceability from farm to cup. This process also requires periodic third-party audits of our premises here at Bun Coffee. By purchasing Fair Trade, we guarantee that producers receive above the spot price for their beans as well as receiving funds from Fair Trade to allow investment in both on farm infrastructure as well as community programs from education to clean water.


  • Purchase of whole products – Our other products consist of whole ingredients, certified organic, which are simply blended, unprocessed, together to produce our unique drinking chocolate and spice chai powders.


  • Rapadura Sugar – a pure evaporated certified organic cane juice – completely unrefined.
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